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  • Are the double knitting books sequential? Do you need to read the first one before you can tackle the techniques in the second? I was just thinking about the need for a challenge so the timing of this review was perfect!

    • You *could* jump right to book two – Alasdair wrote it in such a way as to make that possible. But me, I would start with the first, and really dig into the basics following his instruction there.

      • Thanks! I will get book one now and book two in a bit. My LYS is ordering book two shortly so the timing should be good.

  • Oh wow, those shawls.

  • Thank you for the review of Denise and Chris’ work. It is a beautiful, thoughtful production with the caring and esthetics inherent in them and in their work.

  • Oooohhhhh…the double knitting books look like FUN. Thank you so much for your reviews — I always love reading them. They are kind of dangerous to my wallet. Obviously I need to press my local library to expand its knitting collection…

  • So happy to see Denise and Chris’ book getting credit where credit is due. They are a great team.

  • Wow. DOUBLE wow.

  • Take my money please!!!

  • I lived on Rue de la Ferronnerie in Paris for a few years so I’m drawn to Double or Nothing but I’m totally intimidated by double knitting. On the other hand, I can handle Ultimate Thule and am off to shop for it.

  • I love reading whatever you write, Franklin. Your prose flows as smoothly as a calm stream in the sunshine. Thank you for these wonderful reviews. I am bound and determined to master double knitting and Alistair’s book plus his Craftsy class should do the trick.

  • Mr. Franklin, I so enjoy reading your book reviews. Your writing is top notch and your knowledge of knitting allows you to answer the questions your audience has before we can even ask you.

  • Thank you, Franklin, for your great reviews. I definitely want Ultima Thule, but maybe I also need the double-knitting books. What I really, really want/need, though, is a book on brioche. I’ve tried to teach myself, but failed. Any suggestions?

  • Fascinating. These all sound very interesting. Though, since I have yet to start on Bunny Slope Double Knitting, I don’t know if A P-Q can help me. The Ultima Thule patterns are beautiful. It’s funny that you should say on this particular site that “the talky bits of knitting books are so seldom worth the time it takes to read them,” as the “talky bits” of the Mason-Dixon knitting books are what so charmed me when I was a brand-new knitter! I still go back and re-read them, even now!

  • I was lucky enough to get into a class with A P-Q in Boston a few years ago, in a room with only 4 other students at a LYS. He was such a great instructor, as all of us were quite new knitters in that class. I was so new to knitting that I didn’t know enough to be scared of double knitting! 🙂 One of my very first finished products was his scarf, Parallax – I get so many compliments every time I wear it, it’s still my absolute favorite, years later. Buy his books, take his Craftsy class!! I think if you have never done double knitting, you should get his first book or take his intro class before you tackle this newer, more challenging book – but once you master the basics, you’ll want this latest book too. (Double knitting is very math-y; it will make you feel so smart!)

  • Great reviews. Your assessments are always so well written and credible since we know you as a knitter. I have to have these if only to read and look at the pictures! I would love to tackle the patterns as well and become skilled enough to knit the beautiful Adenydd (how is that pronounced?).

    My only concern: as I am already of a certain age, will this effort speed me into my dotage or hold it off for awhile? I think I’ll go with the latter.

    Thank you…more please!

    • The -dd in Welsh is pronounced as a soft “th” as in “the” or “there”. It means “wings”. Double-knitting lace is a delight to me, and I hope you get to experience that delight! I tend to think that challenging yourself with new concepts keeps your mind nimble regardless of your age.

      • thank you!

  • Franklin, Reading your reviews is such a pleasure. Almost as much a pleasure as knitting. Many, many thanks for sharing with us!

  • I just wanted to let folks know that the stock of “Double or Nothing” at Amazon has been depleted thanks to the links in this article — I’ve sent new boxes to their warehouse but it’s going to take a little while for them to arrive and be integrated into stock again. You’re welcome to wait, or you can order them from me directly at my website (double-knitting.com) where they’re never out of stock.

  • Along with *occasionally* skipping the” talky bits of knitting books”, I am sometimes guilty of the same withbook reviews …but not here. Loved this! More Franklin reviews please! xoxox