Thoughts on Field Guide No. 3

By Ann Shayne
April 3, 2017

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  • I love the cover!!

  • Posting to Australia is actually very easy!

  • Echoing Laura: CRAZY about this cover! They make a beautiful set.

  • I’ve been hunting on ravelry since I saw No 3 in your shop over the weekend for the individual pattern pages to go up to check out the specs. Luckily AYOT part 2 drop day is tomorrow to distract me.

  • Congrats on #3, ladies. Wishing you all the success.

  • Great trilogy! Any chance to get the specs on the sweater somewhere?

    • Coming soon!

  • My heroes! Y’all are incredible.

  • You are doing an amazing job of amusing and delighting,Reading your blog is a daily highlight and your love of knitting, color, art and design are infectious and often hilarious. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

    • Ditto Meredith! (feeling unoriginal but still thankful today.) xoxo to all

  • Ya’ll are doing such a great job. I’m enjoying every minute of it right along with you.

  • Fantastic cover and I’m looking forward to making the shawl and the cowl. (Not so much a sweater knitter)

  • Consistently amused and delighted!

  • Such a lovely post. 6 months! Thanks for being here, every single day.

  • Again, I will make the suggestion that it would be awesome to have a binder/box to store One’s collection of all the field guides, or maybe to store like 4 of them…