Introducing Our Brand-New Yarn: Sheepy

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
April 1, 2017

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  • Hah! Well done!
    Happy Fools, MDK!

  • I have a Blue Heeler and have just found her with my credit card making a rather large order.

    • Good one, Sue!

      • Comment (and mental image) of the day! #dogsbuyingstuff

  • LOVE!!

  • Cute and funny!

  • Darn. The curly & squirgly is sold out.

    • I’m crushed. I’ve been looking for just the right squirgly-looking yarn for decades!

  • Hilarious! You had me until I saw the up to $50,000.00 price tag. Great fun! Would love a backyard big enough…..!

    • They still had me at the $50,000 as my thought was oops typo! Will try to be more on the ball next year……

    • Yeah. It took me till I got to the $50, 000 part, too. Heck, I still fall for “your shoe’s untied”….

  • Funny! You had me at ” homeschooled!”

    My hubby calls it “wool on the hoof,” as when a wandering sheep sort of joined us on a hiking trip in Provence, until a little sheep dog rounded him up. Great fun, there and here. Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Yaaaaasssss! Totally the best yarn out there! Love you gals!!!

  • Good one!

  • You had me!

  • Clearly no worries about whether the lanolin has been left on or not! I’ll take 2.

  • You two crack me up!

  • Ya got me! I was already wondering how many skeins I could afford and whether it was already sold out before i even looked! I’ll take one brownish sheepy colored, a case of Diet Slice, and some Funyuns

  • Inspired!!

  • Happy April!

  • Love you guys!

  • May I be on a waiting list for the alpaca, you are all sold out ! Happy April 1

  • Too funny! And my husband does call my bottle lambs “the homeschoolers”… ;-D

    • There is a fabulous sheep-and-lambs jigsaw puzzle on her site – if you’re a fan, check it out!

  • And I bet if you lose your heat, it can keep you warm.

  • 🙂

  • But I really do want a sheep…

  • I was so excited to see what you posted today! Love your April 1st writings. This was awesome but last year’s still may be my favorite….

  • Y’all are The Best.

    And that’s no joke.

  • I’ll take one! Can you train a sheep to an invisible fence?!!

  • ah, April First!

  • The best clickbait I’ve seen all day!

  • Still laughing!!! I may laugh all weekend. Will that change my gauge?

  • What a great post to wake up to!

  • How much for the cat on the hay bale? I maxed out the credit card on a baby giraffe cuz’ priorities.

  • Ya got me!

  • This is why you are SO loved. What a big April fool I am. Hoof yarn and needles…this is funny. I don’t care who ya are

  • LOL I love the boucle, too bad it’s out of stock.

  • I love it!! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Those of us who live in apartments don’t have room for Sheepy. When are you coming out with Angora? Or even Teddy Bear Hamster?

  • Aw, you got me, I was so excited to see your wool brand! Honestly, if you guys started a woolen-spun dk or worsted weight undyed 100% wool line I would be first in line. Brooklyn Tweed is so expensive and there’s only a bare handful of alternatives out there (ElsaWool and Wisconsin Woolen Spun are the only ones that come to mind).

  • BEST April Fool’s EVER!!!

    The colorway descriptions, LOLOLOL!!

  • But, but, I was ready to order the grey one and the one with a golden brown mane. Fun!

  • Good one.

  • You totally got me! ::gullible::

  • What a fun April Fool’s day post. You seem to have had fun yourselves creating it. And the UCD directions on care were a perfect over the top addition.

  • Hi I don’t know where to ask this question. I really want the Field Giude 3 but I live in Australia where you don’t deliver:(
    Is there some way I can order just the e version? No probs paying the whole price, but it won’t let me order without shipping address so it’s all not working, and I could not find an inquiry link. Thanks Marg.

    • Hi Marg! We dream of the day when we can ship to Australia. Until that magical day, we will definitely have the ebook edition of Field Guide 3 available via our website and also Ravelry, so please stay tuned for our official on-sale date later this month. Field Guides 1 and 2 are currently available this way, FYI. Thank you for your interest!

      • Awesome thanks! Looking forward to it. Love the cowls and scarf.

  • What a fun post! I’m still laughing!!!!

  • Delightful all the way through! You got me! Made me smile.

  • was not expecting that !!

  • Clever.