The Making of Harris Tweed

By Ann Shayne
March 19, 2017

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  • Love Harris tweeds. Thanks for sharing the video

  • Thanks always for all you bring to us! Lovely video to start the day with. Xoxox

    • Yes!

  • Very soothing to hear these sounds.

  • Why did I get tearful watching this? Thank you for sharing… just beautiful!

    • I did too!

  • Thanks for this mini vacay to Scotland! Love love love the colors of Harris Tweed. Their sport coats are unmistakable

  • Lovely and inspiring. Long may they weave.

  • Great post and lovely video. Such an interesting subject, too. I now want a stack of Harris Tweed scarves in all of the luscious colors and interesting patterns! Thanks for this sharing, Ann.

  • Goosebumps on a Sunday morning in March! Thanks for sharing this stunning clip – I loved it. Now I know I want to go to Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, and bring home a pile of Harris Tweed!

  • How fascinating. What a beautiful island. The best part was hearing over and over that the mills are busy because of demand. Now we’re can Iget a Harris tweed scarf?

  • That just looks and feels like a community I would love to live in. Thank you

  • I love Harris tweed. I have two Harris tweed blazers. Thank you for showing us how tweed is a part of the island communities.

  • Lovely video! Thank you.

  • I have never seen a loom with pedals attached. (!) Like every other commenter, I would love a half yard of so of Harris Tweed to make a new knitting bag.

  • Every piece of Harris Tweed has or will have a story. I love that!

  • Thank you for that lovely video. Makes me want to go and see the islands and, of course, buy fabric.

  • What a great little film about a wonderful small community that touches so many others in the world. Thanks

  • In my home, Harris Tweed, was the ne plus ultra of fabric. My mother used to say they laid it out on the moors to dry, so it always smelt of heather.

  • I was just thinking about knitting and tweed yesterday, and then you post this lovely thing! Thank you! The video brought tears to my eyes, plus I just wanted to roll around in those big baskets of colored fiber.

  • Thanks for another tale of the survival of a precious traditional art form. Lifts my spirits.

  • love the video! My partner has 2 Harris tweed jackets decades old they wear like iron!

  • My half Scottish husband,and I, loved the film. Our next trip….

  • If there were some sort of knitting machine that was powered by bicycle pedals, how healthy we would all be. Inventors, get to work!

  • Wonderful – thank you!

  • That was really lovely…I could almost smell the sea air. Thank you

  • Love the video! Thank you for sharing! Now I need a bridie.

  • I am going to thank you for sharing this before I have even watched it, because I am THAT SURE it will be wonderful! Watching it this evening will be my reward for combing goats today – the big snowstorm threw everything off, and most of the herd is suddenly starting to lose cashmere at the same time. Gulp. So thanks!!!

  • This made my day!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE…reminds me of my dear mama who recently died…she LOVED Harris Tweed too!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. The sights and sounds are simply mesmerizing. Keep up the lovely tradition!

  • Fascinating, thank you for posting

  • thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful movie