Get Ready: March Mayhem Is Coming

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
March 13, 2017

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  • I’m in. Send the brackets. Pop the corn, uncork the wine, and fluff the couch cushions!

    • Right there with you! Pass the popcorn, please.

  • The only March Madness I’ve ever heard of is weather related. But i understood knitting, dogs and patterns. Im looking forward to this non-weather related Madness!
    (Yes we’re expecting a snow storm today)

  • That Corgi is perfect 🙂

    • All corgis are perfect!!

  • I am pretty sure you are speaking English but aside from that you lost me! Anxiously waiting for Wednesday to restore my understanding!

    • Thank you Linda, but what happened to Tuesday! ?

  • I’m not sure where this is going and if Westminster and the dogs is just a metaphor but I’ve got a black pug who looks dashing in her red sweater with a talent for unwinding a ball of yarn in seven seconds flat. We’re ready for March Mayhem whatever it may be.

  • You have peaked my interest…….

    BooYah! 3 points!

  • Yes! What a great idea! I want Wednesday right now.

  • Big Komondor (top photo) and Puli fan. Sign me up!

  • I enjoy reading the topic of the day. Makes me smile.

  • Sounds fun! I can’t wait for more details!

  • O. M. G! Finally brackets that will be exciting!

  • Beware the Ides of March!

    • I got a flat tire once on the Ides.

  • Is the terrier at the bottom wearing bobbins?

    • Looks like a Lasa…

  • You had me at “a little more middle-of-the-sofa.” But when you added “this competition is going to be more Westminster Dog Show than NCAA” I was all in!” Let the games begin!

  • Seeing as how th opening photo is of a squishy basset hound, how can I resist? Besides, this pending blizzard is madness!

  • Count me in! March Madness consumes my husband and thanks to you I’ll have my people for support!

  • Not sure what’s going on, but you have piqued my interest , needles at the ready

  • Ooooo! Fun!

  • Look forward to this. I’m not sure it can surpass my newpaper’s “Breakfast Burrito Bracket” festivities, but I think I can swing two new concepts in one month.

  • Bubbler! Indeed, Who is from Wisconsin?

    • I was wondering the same thing, Joan. D’you think maybe they have bubblers in Iowa where Kay’s from?