Knit to This: 25 Songs of the Moment

By Ann Shayne
March 11, 2017

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  • I remeber that in last year’s edition (which I only encountered in hard copy) their culture writer Wesley Morris chose “Say No to This” from Hamilton …

  • I loved hearing those snippets. And while it’s true I didn’t recognize but a handful, I always want to know what the kids are up to. Also,ther was a pretty fascinating profile of Jack White in The New Yorker recently/ Did you see it?

  • Interesting format. Still prefer Led Zeppelin to anything else labeled heavy metal

  • Fantastic! Here’s the playlist on Spotify:

    • Thank you Vicki! This list is amazing but I can’t read fast enough and run out of song….

  • Rufus Wainwright is 43 – a geezer? You must be confusing Rufus Wainwright with his father who is in his 70’s. . That’s younger members of A Tribe Called Quest. Phife Dog, who died last year, was 45. Q-Tip is 47. The others are probably about the same age.