My Handknits Are Waving at Me

By Ann Shayne
March 9, 2017

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  • I want to try helical stripes, but I don’t get how they work. I’m stubborn that way. I want to understand something befor I try it out. What to do?

    • I commiserate with stubbornness of any kind, as it’s my hallmark personality trait, but in this instance you gotta get the needles in your hands!

    • Watch the video on MDK! Also you can use the google…..

    • Stubborn here too. Knitting them on DPNs makes the most sense to me. Think about knitting with two different yarns (even if they are halves of the same skein), letting them pile themselves one on top of the other as they chase each other around your four needles (only three at a time). That might help. Knitting the stitches on three needles, skipping the fourth, and then picking up the next color/totally different yarn to knit three needles, leap-frogging around and around.

    • I was intimidated too but had already ordered the yarn and the book, so had to commit. The video makes it all crystal clear ( and even looks easy! ).

  • I love how C. Shayne’s work captures the Situation so well. Feeling a little homesick for the Isolation Chamber.

  • I am now wondering: if the weavers of the Bayeux Tapestry had such magical things as self-striping and gradient yarns, would they have bothered to weave the Bayeux Tapestry? Or would they be happily knitting helical stripe armwarmers? Discuss.

    • Wendy, have you seen embroidery done with overdyed gradient silk floss? It is absolutely lovely, and something I think the Bayeux embroiderers would have enjoyed using (just to be a history pedant and “use” my medieval lit/history degree, the Bayeux Tapestry actually is embroidered on linen in wool yarn/thread. Stem stitch and laid work (couching) for the most part). Silks would have been nicer to work with in general, if you ask this cross-stitcher, but even gradient wools would have spiced things up in the ol’ stitchery room. One does have to marvel at the durability of the colors they had. Unexciting blues, reds, browns, golds, etc., but wow have they endured for 900+ years!

      While I’m all for depicting a good battle scene, I think I’d have wanted a break for knitting after a long stretch of stitching Normans vs. Saxons.

  • I live the mitts. Also glad I am not the only one that let the whale slip under the waves, as it were. I shall recommence forthwith. Or fifthwith, maybe.

  • Please, stop enticing me with Zauberballs! I have a boring sweater to finish.
    WHY is it so easy to start a project and so hard to finish?!

    • If you find the answer to your question, please let me know. I was happily knitting on Apres Anything Sock #1 when the Zauberball/Helical Stripes thing exploded. I have a Crazy Zauberball in the stash and some solid color yarn to put with it but I will finish these socks before starting any stripes. I’d also like to know why I’m always a project behind, even with skipping the Bang-Out KALs, but I suspect that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

  • Be careful, you’ll get some wool fibers on that handsome cat. 😉

  • Love the light blue area on the mitt. It looks to me like the worn areas you see in old stone work.(Speaking of seeing things in knitting…) Also, did someone decide that he “needed” to be part of the photo shoot? So cute!

  • Ann, put the cat down before he hurts you. He wants to go knock some Zauberballs down the stairs. Besides, how dare you interrupt his nap? (P.S.: Great photos Clif! How much did you bill your mom?)

  • I finally finished listening to Moby Dick this weekend. Hang in there, those of you languishing in the 132 chapters of diffuse foreboding. There is plenty of action in the end.

  • I often design possible knit projects while waiting to fall asleep at night. One of my latest, inspired by your helical stripes revelation, is a helical stripes hat that will use my two skeins of Sweet Annie (a merino/angora blend worsted). Happily, there is already a pattern for one on Ravelry.

  • “photos by clif shayne, long-suffering resident of the same house as me” HAR