Slow Cooker Odyssey: Cake

March 8, 2017

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  • LOVE those day-glo cherries. Can never get enough. And that makes me wonder: Would it be possible to do slow-cooker FRUITCAKE? 😉

    Really enjoying this series, Carrington. Thank you!

    • Fruitcake, 1000 times yes. The end result is so moist, almost steamed. It seems like that would be a perfect application. Meanwhile, I’m thinking more along the lines of dropping a bag of chocolate chips into the pot.

  • Yikes. We rarely use our slow cooker (because we don’t cook much at all) but we do make some killer candy every Xmas (check out the recipe on Loopy Ewe’s blog Crockpot Christmas Crack). This cake recipe may join that one as a use for the cooker. It looks delicious. I love the idea of crockpots all over the house. Thanks!

    And OMG Fruitcake?! Please, someone, try it and get back to us!

  • This reminds me of my Grandma. She had a metal insert for her slow cooker that she used to make a gingerbread that was moist and rich and magical. I haven’t been able to figure out how to replicate it, but this will bring me closer. Grandma would approve, or she would say “phooey” and go do yardwork.

  • Omg. If I wasn’t in a whole30 regime I would make this right now. Oh the pain.

  • Love how knitting goes well with so many topics. With your new venture, will you be building a tiny house??

    • Yes, our class is progressing toward a tiny house. After graduation, that is a long-term goal for me too.

  • I am multi-craftual and belong to my local quilt guild. We have several open sewing days throughout the month, and it is customary that if your birthday falls in that month, you will bring some kind of treat to share. (Kind of like third grade. . . ) This would be a wonderful treat—toting in the crockpot would be kind of a drag, but this would smell wonderful while it is cooking, and I love the idea of serving something warm on a cold, blustery March day.

  • Next time, bring a slice over to moi!! I can almost smell it just reading this.

    • We can drizzle your homemade yogurt & honey on it

  • Yum! And just in time, 3 snowstorms headed our way! I’ll be eating lots of cake this weekend and I bet it would be good toasted with cashew butter, ohhhhh!

  • Wondering if a 6qt oval is too big and the cake will be too thin? Or do I just cook for a shorter time?
    This looks so delish, and I love that it’s adaptable to other flavors and mix-ins!

    • Hm, I haven’t experimented with that size. I wonder if you could top it with a bunch of blueberries or peaches or apples, to add some volume, then think of it like a fluffy cobbler. I might try that myself, come to think of it.

      • Yum! Cobbler!

      • Or double the recipe?

    • Totally guessing, but based on my experience, a shorter cooking time should work out OK. How much shorter, I don’t know. I guess you’d have to watch it, which kind of changes the concept of effortless cake-baking. Then again, I kind of like watching things bake. Bring your knitting and settle in!

  • Hmmm, I believe there is a two cup container of homemade applesauce in the freezer. Excuse me while I go check…

  • Oh my gosh, I just read your bio and discovered a fellow art history major! I ended up going back to school, majoring in accounting (math is my first love), and became a CPA. But weren’t art history classes the most fun? Sit and look at slides of great art ::sigh::

    • Sorry to be late responding to this note. Yes! Art history. Seems like so many lifetimes ago that we sat in the dark and looked at slides of paintings pictures and buildings (often black and white), then went to a “photo-study room” to memorize the details with classmates. I wonder if college art history is as much fun in the days of Internet?

  • I’m going to give this a gluten-free try!

  • Okay, I made this on Sunday. And had 3 pieces and had to hide the rest in the fridge. It is that good.

  • I have this in the crock right now, alongside an overflowing crock with your “feed bag” chili. Yum!
    We’ll see how this turns out due to my changes… i had to go with substitutions due to allergies (gluten free flour blend, flax eggs) and then the batter looked to be too little for my big crew, so i mixed up some more batter to the bowl. I had to melt the butter to clarify it, so i didn’t follow your mixing instructions due to time constraints…. The batter is delicious!! Whether it sets or not, I think they’ll love it!
    Thank you for another easy recipe!

    • Update, this is DELICIOUS! It set perfectly and while still soft it turned out onto a plate easily. I had to substitute a lot due to diet restrictions (gluten free, flax egg, no ginger, stevia instead of sugar, clarified butter) and mixed it all in one bowl. I probably doubled the recipe which was good for 7 of us with about 1/3 left over. I bet it’s delicious the next day too! It cooked for about 3 hours on high since it was so deep. I will definitely make again for an easy dessert! (This would be great with coffee for brunch too!)

  • And I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when I discovered the cake made with whipped cream and chocolate wafers = refrigerator cake years ago

    • And I didn’t discover refrigerator cake until I was 28 years old and a new bride ! It became my children’s favorite

  • This worked perfectly in the slow cooker. I did use pumpkin (puree from my roasted pumpkins) and it was delicious. I also made vanilla ice cream. Yum. This makes a lot so half is frozen and will use at other holiday dinners.

  • Looks wonderful. And I have a 40 year old classic Rival needing to be put to good use. Thanks for the recipe!

  • I have the old style tall cooker. One half recipe cooked beautifully. Used drained home canned peaches.