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  • Wonderful and inspiring color choices! Congratulations to all finishers and would-be finishers.

    On another topic, I didn’t even try to do whatever was needed to sign up for Techniques Year because there seemed to be a lot of confusion and a big shipping fee. So now that the start date is here I have 2 questions:

    1. Have whatever were the problems with registration subsided?

    2. Can I just buy the ebook without the physical book + overseas shipping fee?

    Thank you for the chance – it sounds like fun.

  • The camaraderie of knitters is wonderful and always brings me joy.

  • I’m still banging out my Hadley. Hopefully, some Hadley goodness and tv viewing today.

  • I got my yarn delivery for the year of techniques! I’m sharpening up my needles and ready to go!

  • Congrats to all participants! I just caught up on reading the “progress” thread in the lounge, and am so impressed by the WIPs and FOs! The color choices are so varied and wonderful – this is what makes spectating at a KAL so much fun 🙂

  • I just realized this was my first ever KAL (why did I think I’d done several in the past?), and I really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s progress. I was also glad I was a little slower than others, because it allowed knitters more clever than I to work through things like waist shaping mods. Overall a lot of fun and a great sweater design!

  • I love the design of the Hadley but I’d love to make one in DK or fingering. Are there any plans for adapting the pattern?

  • Wow. I am so impressed. Going to study all the Hadleys now–and cast on a Dionisio Point to cure the Colorado’s envy.

  • Thank you for he shout out!