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  • Kate Davies’ latest Inspired by Islay would be perfect for this!

  • I’m so in favor of all of this! And Palindrome is totally in my queue already… I love the hazy look of the smaller dots in your swatches. I’ve experimented with doing stranded colorwork with mohair too, although in my case it was simply spun, not brushed – my Rosenhoff Mittens use an 80% mohair yarn: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rosenhoff-votter
    Even though it’s not brushed mohair the finished mittens have a lovely halo, and they seem to get fuzzier with wear. But since it isn’t brushed, the motifs don’t get lost, either. Another option!

  • I love seeing your whole design process. I’m a fan of mohair’s weightless warmth. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Alice Starmore in her first Fair Isle book had a beautiful mohair sweater in stranded work. It basically took the small pattern and enlarged it. I know it has a very 80’s vibe to it and I still think its beautiful. A truely different take on fair isle knitting!

  • Mohair also looks fabulous in intarsia colorwork. Yes, I’m a true fan of The Mo, and always have been.

  • Stephen west has also been playing with mohair combined with his super bright colors. Using white or natural mohair stranded with the brights softens the brights and gives a great halo to a shawl.
    Do you know where I could buy mohair/silk by the cone?

  • I love both the sweaters! Please design/publish one of them, so I don’t have to figure it out myself!

    • Absolutely agree with Janna! Great article; prolonged drum roll! No final pattern with yarn kit options from MDK? Some of us are pattern writing challenged…

    • I too would like patterns too for both sweaters. I am experienced enough to design one but lack both time and patience for the requisite trial and error. Besides, frogging mohair ain’t fun. 🙂

  • Mags Kandis designed a mitred square shawl in KSH some years ago. But I’m sure you knew that. Love your swatches! Personally I’m scared of the fine mohair.

  • Oh Julia, thank you! What a marvelous technique! Inspiring…xoA

  • Love the ponchos, Julia! and the way you write, as always

  • Beautiful! I want to be a glamour kitten!

  • I see flecks of color like Norwegian lice pattern. Maybe not a sweater but a large wrap with some rows of stranding just peeking out.

  • I had to dig deep into my magazine library to find it, but Issue 17 of Knitter’s (Winter 1989) featured several mohair colorwork projects: a slip-stitch cabled afghan by Cheryl Oberle, a slip-stitch blanket by Elena Malo, a black-and-white intarsia cardigan by Susan Duckworth, and the one I actually made – a stranded colorwork cardigan by Nancy Bush, in which the background color was wool and all the contrast colors were mohair. She called it the Rose Window Jacket, which was a perfect name for the way the mohair glowed against the plainer wool background. Too bad about the oversized 80s silhouette, or I might still be wearing mine today!

  • How about encouraging knitters to be sure any mohair they buy is certified cruelty-free .Many major retailers, including the GAP, refuse to stock mohair. I will not purchase *anything* from a merchant or dyer who stocks mohair. Google mohair and cruelty before deciding to buy.