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  • Oh… I have WAKE in my library, and too much Loft in just the right color (from a failed project). Thanks for highlighting these lovely, stylish AND Classic (!) designs.

  • Lovely!! (The Hadley link near the bottom doesn’t link to the pattern.)

    • The Hadley pattern is part of MDK Field Guide No. 2, a collection of four patterns not sold individually.

  • And what is the name of the beautiful sweater at the top of the post, please?

    • That’s Feather–there’s a link at the very bottom of the post. Isn’t it cool?

  • How are there only 17 projects for Spinnaker?! It’s so classic and flattering. Bumping that up in my queue.

  • I knitted her Zipped Vest for my husband years ago. Definitely a classic.

  • I knit a Wake that I wear almost every day.

  • Can you recommend a FIRST sweater pattern? I’m tired of knitting dishcloths and scarves.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Once the hot flashes subside, I might consider a pullover for me again. . . Till then, it’s either cardigans or stuff for other people!

    • I agree so much. I love the look of pullovers but just looking at them makes me hot, and not in a good way.

  • I like that her yarns and models come in a variety of colors…..sort of like our world.

  • I have Veronik’s book Knitting Classic Style, and think every knitter should have a copy. I’m not sure why it is so underrated. All 35 patterns are keepers!

  • I just might need the Wake.

  • Trailhead!! A wonderful pattern-grandpa cardigan with somme great details and shape. The pockets alone make it worth knitting.I’m wearing it right now!

  • Sharing your love of Veronik Avery. One of the things she does so well is add a pop of color at the cast off / on.

  • I need Wake in my life. Feather too. (for starters) Thanks for sharing. Now I’m headed to Veronik’s website. Happy Saturday Night browsing.

  • dang!I have a pile of navy blue tweedy yarn of dubious origins that add up to the amount ofyardage I need for a Spinnaker and MAN do I want to knit that sweater!!!!

  • Laid out flat I don’t necessarily appreciate VA’s stuff, but it’s irresistable when you see it worn. Why did I never think of horizontal lace before?

  • My favorite Veronik Avery design is Marcel’s Sweater, from an old Interweave Knits. It is a pullover with a high neck and an all over arrowhead pattern that somehow makes its edges ruffle slightly. The IK sweater is a gorgeous acid-y green in Jo Sharp worsted.

  • Such beautiful patterns! I dream of knitting Wake for me!

  • My favorite Veronik Avery design is Notre Dame de Grace, also from an old Interweave. Someday I’ll hve the confidence to attempt it!