Elizabeth Eakins: Rug Maker and Sheep Farmer

By Kay Gardiner
February 2, 2017

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  • She’s gonna need more sheep.

    • Zing! “She’s gonna need a bigger flock!”

    • a LOT more.

  • The Flint Hills are stunning and you should go see them.

  • Thank you Modern Daily and sister stitcher Kay for sharing our video. It is a thrill for me to tell these women’s stories. Gael

  • Thank you for letting us meet these inspirational and inspiring people.

  • Watching that film was the best ten minutes of my day.

  • This video sure tug on the heartstrings in a whole bunch of different ways! Her home is just beautiful, her rugs are exquisite, oh the yarn….and the sheep!! I really wanted to scratch their little noses and give them kisses. This also maybe you wanted to few times that I could see myself happy not living near the ocean. Thank you for sharing!

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing this story and movie.

  • So glad to learn about this amazing woman and her flock. Thank you!

  • Simply lovely.

  • What an incredible inspiration. Elizabeth’s voice and the scenery are so soothing! I would love to sit in a chair or lean against a tree and knit, enjoying the sound and smell of the sheep.

  • Particularly moving as my great grandparents were Swedish immigrants to Kansas. Like many immigrants, looking for religious freedom and the opportunity to create better lives for their families. A lovely film!

  • Loved this; I’ve shown the Natalie Chanin film to my fashion writing students, and it was great to see this one. Makes me want to run away and start a sheep farm.

  • Elizabeth is blessed with living her dream life! I love the loom room! As well as the farm, the sheep and the home!

  • Thank you for that. What a lovely little film. As a prairie lover through and through, I especially appreciate the beautiful cinematography and Elizabeth and Jerry’s commitment to the land. BRAVO to all involved.

  • Oh, I loved this! Beautiful in every way. I was already a fan of Pearson’s beautiful work, and now must look for more of Eakins.