Two-color Brioche Knitting: Tips and Hints

By Ann Shayne
January 31, 2017

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  • It looks smooshy and lovely!
    Gosh, I thought I was the Queen of Low-Contrast…a colleague once said he thought my computer screen was blank…but I am handing my crown to you! Subtlety rocks 🙂

  • I really love the colors you chose! I find them classy and soothing. It looks really soft and squishy.

  • Something else is useful that we figured out during a brioche class over the weekend. In two color you are always slipping the color YOU ARE NOT USING. Your brk and brp will always be working together as one stitch – a stitch and yo that are both the colors you are using. That’s useful when there is lots of contrast between the colors.

    • ! That’s a lightbulb over the head r !
      Thanks! evelation

  • I too have been on a brioche quest…I want to make the patterned brioche I have seen designed by Nancy Marchant. I have made a couple of scarves with plain, straight rows. I started the patterned ones a couple of times but couldn’t seem to get past the first few inches without getting hopelessly lost. I recently bought the most incredible silk yarn, with butterfly-like jewel tones that has inspired me to try again. I shall be triumphant!

  • I can vouch for the Never Fail Muffler. It led me down the rabbit hole, and I had to figure out brioche in the round! (One color only so far.) I’m taking a brioche break until I get to class with JC Briar at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in February. Have to leave something to learn!

    Looking forward to seeing your new yarn.

  • I’ve never been enticed by brioche-stitch – until now. The curvy swirl and that buttery yellow with the creamy-cream have me in LURV. But since I also love eating, living indoors, and my poor long-suffering husband more, I think I’ll punt to the Never-Fail Muffler and something I can scrounge out of the stash! ;-D Thanks, as always, for the little push toward something new!

  • Wow, Ann…I love those subtle colors together! It’s Beyooootiful…

  • I bought the kit with blue and gray and will be starting it as soon as I finish the hat I’m working on. I promised myself to learn brioche in 2017 and I know as long as I’m working in cashmere, I’ll be happy working on something challenging!

    • That’s my second colorway pick. I may be making these into the distant future. And yes: cashmere takes the sting out of anything.

      • May I quote you, Ann? Seriously. That is one great line.

  • Brioche is also my 2017 “I’m going to learn it if it kills me!” I’m OK on the one-color brioche, but a lot of ripping out on the two-color. This is inspiring me to keep at it!