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  • Thank you, Dianna, for a nice introduction to the country of Norway. This reminds me of one of the NYT’s 36 Hours articles, but with a delightful colorful, artistic slant. If I ever head that way, I’ll be sure to plan my trip with your story as my guide.

  • Wish I had known all of this before last December, when I spent the day in Bergen at the beginning of a coastal cruise. We were there on a Sunday, and much of my research told me that lots of businesses were closed anyway. We were there on a beautiful day; walked along the harbor and generally had a fun (though yarn-free) time. And I did get to shop for some yarn in Alësund the next day…

  • How did you know I would be in Bergen for a few days this summer?! This is *thrilling*–you have saved me so much time! Thank you!!

  • I love Norway and would love to return! In early March 1973 I took a “snogtog” (I think that’s what it was called) from Oslo to Bergen – and was amazed to see people cross-country skiing to meet the train in the snowy central part of the country. Norway is where I understood what the color “ice blue” actually means!

  • Nice! Since my daughter lives in Bergen, I’ve made it my second home for the past decade. I’ve seen shops come and go, but my favorite exists at the train station. Yes, inside the train station! It’s called Norwegian Spirit and is most convenient for me with a great inventory and range of fibers.
    Alas, retailers are closed on Sunday except in the harbor area (for tourists). Most places have websites or Facebook pages!

    • Yes, it’s a lovely shop!

  • Was in Bergen last summer. Wish I had read this before I went. I think I need to go back!

  • We went to Norway last summer – it was amazing! We took an unforgettable cruise through the fjords. Go if you can – you won’t regret it. I would love to see Bergen next time!

  • Very interesting! Wish I’d had the info on knitting/yarn shops when we were there. Wonderful descriptions!!

    • I visited Bergen many years ago when I was a poor college student! Thank you so much for the memories. I still have an umbrella I bought there. You know you’re in a place that gets a lot of rain when there is an umbrella shop on every corner!

  • Wonderful knitting wool shop n the street behind Augustin Hotel. Strikke Lykke..Strandgarten.

  • Trip of a lifetime in 2011. For those who are crazy for color, a must place to visit is Oleana.

  • My knitting group has already committed to a trip to France. I saw this and it would be a trip we all could commit to next year. Will you revisit and offer this trip again? We have 15 women who love to travel and knit
    Carol Heid

  • Hi Dianna – thanks for this article, so useful and I thouroughly enjoyed exploring Bergen! We organise a large-scale international Knitting Festival in Inverness called Loch Ness Knit Fest – http://www.lochnessknitfest.com. We’ve love to have you involved in some way. Please email [email protected] if this is something you’d consider! Many thanks – Katie

  • Excited to read your article. My best friend from Missouri and I left March 1 to Bergen where we boarded the MS Trollfjord for a 10 day knitting cruise with Arne & Carlos. We had many stops and ended up in Kirkenes where we got off the ship. We flew from there to Oslo to head home on March 10. I had met Arne & Carlos last November where I was able to take 3 classes with them in Maryland (United States). They are so much fun! We just had the greatest time and I loved Norway and someday would love to go back. Sitting on my mantel is a replica of the colorful shops in Bergen.