Knit (or March) to This: Women of Rock Playlist

By Ann Shayne
January 21, 2017

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  • Fabulous! Thank you so much for compiling this. My husband, younger daughter and I will be marching in NOLA today. Please pray that all the protests throughout the country are peaceful. We had rioting last night and an officer was hit in the head with a brick.

  • So wanted to lock arms with you today, Ann. Love that you’ll be out there reppin’

    • Arms locked already, Vesia. xoxoxo

  • Great list from what I recognize, and some to check out. I was kind of expecting to see “Fight Song”, but a list has to end somewhere. Be safe & be proud, y’all.

  • Love and solidarity from Canada. xox.

  • About to head out in the cold, driving rain in Reykjavik to march! Putting a rain poncho on over my Pussyhat is the adult feminist version of the same feeling of disappointment when it was so cold you had to wear a winter coat over your Halloween costume to trick or treat, but onward I go.

    • Wow! How cool to hear from you, Angela! Send pix! xoxoxox

    • Great simile!

  • I am a female surgeon in DC and follow you. I am so grateful that you are a voice of support and that your posts are a positive light. Keep on rocking in the (for now) free world!!!

    • Yes, what Jennifer said! Thank you!

  • I would add ‘I Am Woman’ by Helen Reddy’ to the list. Fabulous dong

    • Song!

      • Isn’t it someone else who’s supposed to have a… oh never mind.

  • Having a cuppa coffee and a banana, loading my sturdy travel tote, off I go to march in Santa Ana, CA. My pussyhat and a few extras? check Sunglasses? check ID and a bit of $? check Phone to document event and call hubby to make my bail? check (hoping the last was totally humorous) Solidarity!

    • And did you write the ACLU’s phone number on your stomach in permanent marker so you can see it if you need to call them? (You have to write it upside down, remember?)

  • Packing up my devoted, committed-to-women’s-rights hubby right now for the Boston march, where over 60,000 registered – they’re expecting 80K. Human rights and chowdah for everyone!

    • What about the rights of women in countries where they have NO rights?

      • Everyone, everywhere. All women.

  • Rock (& knit) on)!!! Love this list. Peace and love to all marching today!

  • Wow! I’m taking this with me all day long. Thanks to every marcher, supporter and all #knittersforrevolution

  • Do you have this playlist on Spotify?

  • Thank you! I need this today.

  • Thank you! Went to march in DC – so many people the streets were so full they couldn’t have the march! That’s the way to go ladies! 1/2 million strong!

  • Rhode island rallied at the State House, led by Governor Gina Romaino. Don’t know the count, but there were a lot of us. Sisterhood (and Brotherhood) is powerful.

  • Orange County, CA (birthplace of the John freakin’ Birch Society!) had an estimated 20,000 marchers today, according to the local police. I saw a sea of pink pussy hats and a forest of signs. Well done, people of good will!

    • Hey, I was there in Santa Ana too! I knit 7 hats for other marchers in DC and OC and didn’t finish my own. 🙂 My kids wanted to go too (husband was at work), so I brought my one awesome girl and 3 terrific fellas to the March. 🙂

  • How do I play this? Sorry to be so ignorant. If I simply click play, it just goes to the Spotify main page…

  • Wow! Just opened this in SPOTIFY. What a great song list! SPOTIFY is the music app I use most of the time. Thank you fabulous ladies of rock!

  • my husband saw Alabama Shakes on SNL and he thinks she is GREAT! me too, just nice to know the men do too!