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  • These knitstrips are so much fun!

    However, I’m a little confused by the text in the “Finishing” panel. Is there a word missing? It says “Sew the third column of Vs…” and I’m thinking, “sew them… to what??”

    Reading on, I’m guessing from the next panel that what’s meant is *sew buttons onto the third column of Vs* (at the indicated rows). Am I missing something, or is this a head scratcher for anybody else?

    • My same question exactly, Julia!

  • Hello, yes: it’s a typo that should read “sew the buttons on the…etc.”

    Thanks for catching! 😀


  • Perfect first project of the year. Because it’s winter, we can war it immediately. And because it’s fast we will have a FO to already brag about.

  • When you slip the stitch, do you slip it knit-wise, or purl-wise? Thanks.

    • Purlwise 🙂 xoA