First Look! Field Guide No. 2: Fair Isle

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
January 2, 2017

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  • I do like that hat, and the giant pompom! So chic these days, a giant pompom. And I am not very good at making them stay on the hat, somehow.

    • I like the hat as well. This is gonna be fun!

  • Well, this is exciting news – and three crackerjack designers! And for you MDK folk, I’ll bet anytime a proof comes off a press is an exciting day. I never minded the time it took to personally walk a project through production 🙂

  • Tried ordering field books 1

  • tried ordering fieldbooks 1 and 2 but your website didn’t admit my name, address, etc.

    • Me too. Very sad not to be able to get print editions in UK

  • DONE! I loved Field Guide No.1 and have made several Breton cowls and some mits! Loved the little ‘extras’ in the book. Haven’t tried the ‘cake’ yet. 🙂 Can hardly wait for No. 2. Wishing you all success!

    • omigod, I completely missed the cake! Striped cake!

      • I made the cake for Christmas day. Delicious!

  • Fantastic! How’d you know stranding is next on my knitting bucket list? Or maybe it’s my To Knit List.

  • SQUEE! 😀 Can’t wait.

  • Are these knitted on single point needles or circular needles? I don’t like to knit on circular needles so avoid lots of nice patterns.

  • Lovely! That sweater…

  • I’d love to knit the pullover first & can only wait on the kit because I know it will be amazing. Two pair of squad mitts finished & given for Christmas out of field guide #1. Amazing kit also.

    • I’m hoping to do the pullover from stash to save a little money, but I love it!

  • Ohhh love Veronik’s sweater! The rest too but she always knocks me out since Salt Peanuts lo those many years ago.

  • Creating a space on the shelf just for these little gems. 🙂

  • Pre ordered and eagerly awaiting. I have been practicing my fair isle technique recently and happily getting it right (so far). Who knew the next field guide would be so timely for me? Thanks for all the joy and satisfaction that comes through in all the offerings you provide for us.

    • So funny, Nancy, I just went rooting through my stash for some Fair Isle warm-up also! Want to be ready when Field Guide 2 lands!

  • Are individual patterns going to be available to purchase on Ravelry? Love those socks!