Singing, the Most Companionable of Arts

By Ann Shayne
December 24, 2016

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Thank you for the gift of the beautiful music and memories that have come along with it. I’m listening to Sweet Chariot just now. When I lived in Australia, I was in a choir and that was one of the songs we had performed. It was a community choir and we sang our hearts out at every practice and performance. Our favorite song to sing was this one….. Enjoy!

  • I was just listening to a podcast yesterday where three hard-boiled, cynical stand-up comedians all agreed that the only thing that truly turns their minds off and relaxes them is singing. Looks like I need to crank the music up and play some “apartment karaoke!”

  • Wednesday night at Lincoln Center I heard Alice Parker’s name for the first time (and her arrangement of Masters of this House, sung by the New York Choral Society).

    • There are no coincidences!

  • I am sitting in my kitchen, with a smile on my face – that I am reading about knitting, and the piece is headed with a “snippet” of Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel. It makes this art historian’s heart smile on this gray, rainy, gloomy day in New Jersey.

    Happy Holidays to All!

    • Oh, joy to you, Gail! Giotto is my favorite of favorites, all the humanity and love in his faces. Wish I could put the whole chapel here.

  • Wishing you both a holiday filled with love and spirit. And thank you for the lovely sanctuary and inspiration you provide here at MDK.


  • What napagal.clare said. Thank you both and happy holidays!

  • What a delight to find this today. Our kid’s choir teacher/director who we just lost a few weeks ago was a student of Parker and we’ve all been lucky in her arrangements and compositions. Merry Happy to all of you. With thanks for this space. ❤

  • I stumbled into an Alice Parker choral work/recital in San Francisco a few years ago. It was totally unplanned and wonderful. What a neat lady.

  • I’m just now catching up to postings and I love this. Thank you Ann. I sing with an auditioned choir thay commissioned a choral piece by Alice Parker. Everything she said is so true and I can’t wait to get back to rehearsals next week from our break after our holiday concert. Happy New Year!