Mary Jane Mucklestone: No Bad Knitting Projects

December 15, 2016

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  • MJ rocks! Her workshops are a blast. Hope she has another book in the works.

    • I think she might……

  • I finished my stopover sweater months after the knit along was over (just a couple weeks ago). It’s the first sweater I made that fits me and my first fair isle. Thanks MJM and MDK!

    • Wow! Congratulations! It’s the fear of not fitting (and/or it making me look like a cow) that has kept sweaters off my needles for too many years.

  • Love the NBKP concept. I need to remember that. Between that the the self-care articles with MDK who needs a therapist?

    Even tho I hate the cold that video made me want to live in a land where EVERYONE wears those gorgeous sweaters. And who knows, I may even try one this year!

    • Like knitting itself, we try to be cheaper than therapy!

  • On this frigid day in NYC, the woman in the next cubicle is wearing that exact sweater in those exact colors. Her mom caught the Stopover fever last winter and cranked out a bunch. So today, I actually was able to feel that wool. Cool.

    • That is really kind of freaky! Small world we live in. I love that Stopover is recognizable, and so common that you can actually see one in the wild.

  • I ran across Mary Jane’s latest book and made a mental note to put it on my wish list on Amazon in case I don’t get it for Christmas. She eases you into new techniques very gently and convincingly in that book. Re the cubicle sweater story, I saw the well-known Picovoli tee by Grumperina on someone in a store and ran the woman down to verify it. We became friends for quite while as a result. Famous knitting is everywhere, it seems. Chloe

  • lovely talented inspiring awesome mj. xxx