Gimlet’s Great Narrative Podcasts

By Ann Shayne
December 10, 2016

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  • way cool. I remember listening to ” The Shadow ” with my dad. “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows.. muhahahahahh.”

  • Amazing find! I just knit a few rounds of Breton Cowl while listening to the first two eps. Having an MDK kinda morning. Thank you!

  • Off to explore. Thanks for the tip.

  • Well…okaaaay…but I’ll be leaving poor Ishmael bobbing around in the big sea a while longer 😉

    • At this point I’m working a mashup of Moby-Dick, Mars, Gilmore Girls, Gimlet, and Designated Survivor. Conclusion: they’re all about the same thing. We’re all on an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY THAT WE WANT TO UNDERSTAND BUT CAN’T.

      • Same thing here. Designated Survivor I have only seen first episode, Gilmore Girls I have seen a bit of the first and am desperately trying NOT to hear about the rest until I can watch it. I am rewatching Anne of Green Gables, and now you’ve added more for me to add to the list. Great to have something to accompany the knitting when we are (eventually) snowed in. So far, just light flurries but man is it cold!

    • Me, too. I’m finding it difficult to pay the depth of attention I want to give to Hemingway’s words and also knit well. I find myself stopped, concentrating on the story, then a little dazed by what is going on in my hands!

  • Just what I needed to finish a hat this morning. Now I have to start another one so I can continue listening. Isn’t Colin a jerk. I dislike phone multi-taskers. I like knitting multi-tasking, however.

  • I checked out several shows and landed on “Undone,” specifically the episode about “The Ancient One.” FASCINATING!

  • Thank you! I just caught up on both The Moth and TAL and was fishing around for something else to listen to while photo editing today. ! PS I started Crime Story and it is pretty good, too.

  • Have my iPad open to the Radiotopia podcast page – lots of great podcasts there as well on various topics. Too many podcasts – too little time.