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  • I feel lucky that only one of those color ways is really singing a siren song to me….hoping I receive a little $ in my stocking this year so I can splurge on it!

  • What about cashmere and pilling? Myth or fact?

    • I have cashmere sweaters from Neiman-Marcus that have little pills. They have been dry cleaned not washed.

  • Does Jade Sapphire source its cashmere to make sure there is no exploitation involved? As cashmere has become more mass-market there are a lot of questions about fairness and ecological issues.

  • I too have the question about sourcing cashmere – I’ve read about ecological problems in China and Mongolia caused by the popularity of cashmere leading to overgrazing, and so on. Your comments, please?

  • Just this morning (12/9) NPR ran a story about the environmental issues caused by the Cashmere goat herds in Mongolia. I had heard a little about this before but did not realize how devastating it is.

  • Cashmere is lovely, but the boom in cashmere is also decimating parts of Mongolia. http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2016/12/09/504118819/how-your-cashmere-sweater-is-decimating-mongolias-grasslands

  • Help! Which variety of Spincycle yarn was this? There seem to be many and none look to me like the ones you pictured.

  • The idea of fake cashmere is fascinating to me (much like my passion for news of art forgeries or museum heists). Would be really interested in a piece about fiber fakery and how to tell if what you’re buying is what it says on the label.

  • I am always interested in the back story, so thank you for this. And, re: “Cashmere may be difficult to felt, but Kay has succeeded in felting it.” Kay, I’m sorry for your loss, but think that hidden in there is an answer to the question, “What do you get for the person who has everything?” Cashmere coasters, of course!

  • I just finished knitting two gifts using Jade Sapphire cashmere. It was exceptional yarn — absolutely a dream to work with. I’m looking forward to learning the brioche stitch!

  • IS it possible that the cashmere which Kay succeeded in felting wasn’t really cashmere? If real cashmere is mixed with wool (even Merino), it can be felted.

  • I love cashmere sweaters and I am very interested in trying to knit one I know it will be expensive but I cannot seem to find any pullover sweater patterns
    Since it will be quite an expense I would like to have a pattern and not substitute
    Do you have any thoughts