The Design Team Behind the Gilmore Girls’ Knitwear

December 5, 2016

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  • These ladies definitely have a flair. Would love it if they would design some wraps /shawls.

  • Well, at the risk of coming to the show bass-ackwards—it hasn’t truly gripped me enough to watch much but maybe I can get into it for the knits.

  • I want that coffee sweater!

    • I know right? The coffee sweater is stinkin’ cute.

  • This makes me so glad I’ve saved my GG binge for this winter. Now I can enjoy knowing the inside skinny on the knitwear. Great story!

  • (great stuff!)

  • Today I just had the most unexpected pleasure of meeting Lisa in a coffee shop! I was knitting and she stopped to say “hi” and we chatted knitting for a bit! Celebrity Knitters – they’re all around us!

  • I’d really love to find the pattern for Rory’s sweater with 4 diagonal stripes crossing each other with a diamond in the middle