Dangling Conversation: Perfect for Euroflax Mini Skeins

By Kay Gardiner
November 23, 2016

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  • THAT SONG! It’s so good. So is this post. Happy Thanksgiving to MDK, my bright spot in each day.

  • I love it!! This is going to be the project that pulls me out of a knitting retirement of making mindless mitered squares, beautiful and rewarding as each one is, into a finished project just for moi. Self-care at its finest.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ann. Am thankful for the long and fun journey that is Modern Daily Knitting. xoxo

  • I don’t mean to bring up a sore subject, but, what happened to the Big Flower Jacket? Did I miss it’s debut?

    • Not a sore subject! It’s resting quietly, waiting for me to have a day or two of concentration.

  • Would love to catch a glimpse of the completed Hap Cowl (using Rifton Mono and remnants of the Rifton used for your Hei Cowl)…I’m intrigued.

  • I am utterly jealous. I started a chevron ZickZack with my Euroflax in Sea http://www.ravelry.com/projects/MaryannGorman/zickzack-scarf but I’m not enjoying the knit at all. I just don’t like colorwork and… all those ends! Jiminy. Color me green with envy. 🙂

    • The end result is SO worth it, so hang in there. I used a long colourway wool for mine, so I eliminated the need for sewing in.

      • Yes, the pattern is great, but the way I’ve chosen to change colors, I can’t carry. I’ve taken to ordering the yarn for other projects in order to better procrastinate on this one.

  • Will there ever again be two voices that blend as beautifully as Simon and Garfunkle? Thanks for that song.
    And that is a great pattern, I’ve knit it with both cotton and wool, I’ll have to try some linen.

  • BRILLIANT! I have been since their debut ever on the hunt for perfect Euroflax mini-skeins patterns – I think I think that if I find the perfect pattern I will instantly know which colorway to get. Who am I kidding? I’ll end up having to buy them all. (Also, pro-S&G. Who isn’t? I wouldn’t trust ’em.)

  • You convinced me-just ordered some! Heading to desert and nice to have something lightweight to knit.Thank you for the Mindy Ross link-love this free winter scarf pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/weatheror-knot

  • I had that song stuck in my head ALL DAY yesterday and had no idea why since I only “know” about 6 bars (the descending bass line and resolve into Major) and not even all the words to that. I’m going to have to apply my NeverFail Earworm Remover again this morning, I can see that! 😉
    Do you find linen comfortable to knit? Do you prewash to soften it a bit, as some people recommend? I love these colors and the combination – and that pattern is a winner for sure. Congrats on such a speedy FO!

    • I have been knitting with linen (and Rowan Denim, which has similar properties) a long time so it doesn’t bother me, and I’m too lazy to take the time to prewash it.

    • What is your NeverFail Earworm Remover? No fair not sharing!

  • I LOVE the colors!

  • You had me at “Dear Anne”,- bought the pattern, have the flax, what size needle???

    • I used a 3, because I’m a super-loose knitter especially in linen. Tamara used a 5.

  • Actually you had me over on Instagram the other day. (Can’t figure out how to edit my previous comment)

  • Thank you for that earworm . Not a superficial lie. I mean it. 😉 .
    I have had this pattern queued for -evah , your lot-of-neutrals version is killing me, I am going to have to cats on for one.

    • Hee! I know a good typo when I see one – I need to cats on too! How else does one knit this time of year?

    • I have lots of cats in case anyone needs to borrow, just saying. I have so many I don’t know why spell check doesn’t always correct me in this way

  • I love all things Mindy Ross! Why didn’t I think of Dangling Conversation for my Euroflax mini skeins ( that I HAD to have)! I have already made 2 of them, and they are fun. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Let’s try to focus on what we do have to be thankful for.

  • I have knit 3 Dangling Conversations with linen and They get softer with every wearing. I layer them together sometimes. They are all linen, black, khaki and sand. This is the perfect scarf for San Diego weather. Loving the mini skein idea!.

    • what is the recommende bind off ?

  • Ravelry must be having a fire sale; I can’t get in to look at the pattern details. Still, Dangling Conversation looks like a winner!

  • Yes! Ann had linked to Tamara’s Dangling Conversation a while back. I kept that in mind, and last night I looked at it again for my Earth mini skeins and totally loved it. Now this. Serendipity or a sign from the knitting goddess? I think the latter.

    I also think I need another set of mini skeins.

    • I was wondering what method of joining people have used especially with changing color at the start of the row?

  • all bundled up in that heap, that great project looks like a delicious dessert with all the right flavours. chocolate, coffee and cream.

  • It was in the lounge where Tamara posted her lovely scarf. (Blushing – knew I saw it somewhere.) Thank you Tamara!

  • Oh, THAT SONG!! Simon & Garfunkel (& a few others) remind me so much of my mom and certain periods of time — hers and mine and ours. Love that shawl. I think I’m going to have to make one now. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!

  • Thank you, thank you for this entertaining and delightful post – I’ve shared it with everyone I know. I think this is as “nearly famous” as I, or one of my knitting projects, will ever get. And, one potential disadvantage
    of spreading the word? I now have orders for 4 more Dangling Conversation scarves. Plus a knitting friend wanted a set of mini-skeins. Plus I have an idea for a wrap and thus needed 2 sets of the “earth” colorway. So – just completed BIG purchase of many mini skeins on “free shipping friday!”

    • When using the mini skeins what size did you make? I like the look and fit of the seaway scarf. Also what size needles did you use, circular???
      I am new to knitting with linen. Also I am not attempting to add beads.
      Thanks for the answers

  • I recently purchased a set of 10 mini-skeins of variously colored, but mostly dark, fingering weight from an Etsy seller simply because I was intrigued by the concept and the name — Ghostly Hallows or some such. Now I have the perfect pattern for them!

  • Just finished my scarf in the Sante Fe colorway, with at least a month or more of summer temps left! I was a little worried about the dark plum color when I blocked it, but there was no bleeding at all — if that is helpful for anyone else to know. Here’s my ravelry page:


    Fun and easy, my travel project. I also have the Earth set but may try a different pattern, though this one was two thumbs up!

  • Can you tell me what colors were used in your sample w the gray and blush?

  • I love this pattern…made one (with beads) for a friend last year, and just today fell in love with the mini skeins. So guess what’s next on my to-make list! Thanks!

  • I adore you MDK! So funny and sharp. I can’t wait to dangle a conversation of my own. This yarn is beautiful and what a great summer accessory!

  • I have now ordered (in my crazy passion for the mini skein colors) all sets plus an extra. I can’t wait to get started on a Dangling Conversation or four. Thank you for inspiring small satisfying projects, and not just the big guys! P.S. I think you are the only sellers of knitting supplies who thank your customers from time to time. Thank you for that.

  • I’m quite frustrated as I when I finish the eyelet pattern of the scarf I’m left with 100 stitches. Does that make sense? Any advice.

  • I’m working on my first Dangling Conversation with this yarn and have never used this yarn before. Can someone tell how it changes with washing?