Free Fun: A New Knitstrip!

November 23, 2016
Never-Fail Ornament
100% Joymakers (Plus free muslin bag with your yarn order, thru 12/31)

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  • Help! The link to the printable pattern isn’t working. Looks like fun.

    • Try it now, Dianne—should be working for you.

  • Such fun!

  • Just had a delusional moment where I thought “I will make a special one for ALL OF MY CLIENTS”. Then I shook it off and finished my coffee.
    Love these knitstrips. I am also the person who read the Comic BookClassic version of Moby Dick .

    • Shake it off shake it off!

  • Uhm…when do you add stuffing? After felting??

    • Hello! 🙂 Yes, see step #7. After felting, you stuff as you close the ornament up with whip stitch. I like to put some stuffing in before I start sewing it up, just to hold the shape out. Then with each inch or so of seam, I add more stuffing. Before sewing up the last inch, I really cram it in, and make sure there’s good stuffing all around by poking it in with my finger. 🙂 xoA

  • Oh, this is SO beautiful! Plus I always love to meet a sister Len Deighton devotee.

  • I love this. I have made my first one just have to felt and stuff. I am thinking of trying one with bobbles.

    • Yay, so glad! I would love to see them! I put the pattern on Ravelry. 🙂 xoA

      • Thanks for putting it on Ravelry also. That was easier than using the MDK shopping cart utility for a free download. I can’t wait to try this pattern!

  • How do I get the actual printable pattern? I’ve gone through the apparent process more than once now and I can’t see where or how the actual pattern shows up. Color me slow-of-thinking!

    • Hi Ms. Mcintire, I just did a test run via MDK. Seems like you add it to your cart, and then checkout ($0 balance), and then there’s a place/hyperlink on your completed order page that says download pattern. Click on that and it will download for you. 🙂
      I think you can also access it via the pattern page on Ravelry. Hope you enjoy!

      • Agreed – easier to download from Ravelry (or a one-click download from your own site if you could make that change?) than going through a multistep sign-in-required shopping cart experience.

        Also, it would be nice to have Step 3 incorporated into Step 2 – otherwise it’s very possible to knit the entire ornament and then go “Oh, I was supposed to put the contrasting stripe in the middle?” I know, I know, always read the entire pattern before beginning to avoid these kinds of problems – but still…

    • Hi y’all–the easiest way of all is simply to screen shot the pattern, then hit Print! Done!

  • Dear Ann and Kay,
    Is there a way to share your posts on twitter with a snapshot included? I wanted to get this one in front of my massive following today but couldn’t find a button. Thanks 🙂

  • I have a souvenir yarn from Portland, too. And it’s blue. Thinking ahead, I purchased two skeins so that I could do more than an ornament with it. But if there’s enough when I’m done, an ornament is a lovely idea.

    • :D! You need just a tiny dab of yarn for it…If you have even less than a tiny dab, maybe it could be a stripe, or some duplicate stitch color work on your ornament?

  • This pattern can also be adapted to make dryer balls. Knit with feltable yarn. Don’t felt it until it’s completely stuffed & sewn up. Instead of stuffing with fluff… fill with a rolled ball of feltable yarn, sew it closed… toss in the washer (to felt) & dryer. Once finished, use in the dryer instead of dryer sheets. Cuts dryer time in half & you won’t need to spend money on dryer sheets.