A Photographer’s Eye Turns to Knitting

November 18, 2016

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  • I love the idea of a prop stylist — I had no idea it was a real thing!

  • Snippets, thank you for being a welcome respite in a crazy world. No “fake news” here, just inspiration, gentle instruction, and as above,..sweet eye candy.

  • No wonder my Ravelry pix look so crummy–no prop stylist!

  • Love the backstory for the beauty of Field Guide 1.

  • As always, this was a fun and lovely read. It helped me to have more appreciation for all that is required to create such wonderful photographs – and also why I then feel compelled to knit the thing pictured. I have a question – I keep seeing the picture of the lacy rectangle. It is the first picture under the paragraphs that follow the heading: “Do whatever you want? Really?” It is also pictured on page 23 of the first Field Guide. What is this? Is there a pattern or description? I think in the right materials – e.g., one of the linen gradient sets! it would make a lovely wrap. Help please – thank you!

    • So I am replying to my own post – I reread page 22 of the Field Guide, which gives an explanation of this creation. Just wishing for a bit more detail – is such a thing possible? I have knitted the “sea” euroflax mini set into the “Dangling Conversations” wrap, and love it (though I haven’t yet documented it on Ravelry – sorry!) but I’d like to purchase a 2nd set and create a wrap similar to the picture I’ve referenced above.

      • What a cool idea, Tamara–I wish I’d kept going on my swatch and ended up with a wrap! What if you download the free Monteagle Bag pattern and play around with the stitch patterns in there? That long drop stitch is one of the stitch patterns in the Monteagle Bag. And the k2tog/yo eyelet sections are just that–garter stitch with a row of k2tog/yo eyelets every now and again. I had a great time freestyling this swatch–I think you could end up with something very special if you play around with different stitch patterns.

        And would love to see your Dangling Conversations Wrap–could you post it in The Lounge’s What I’m Making topic? http://forums.masondixonknitting.com/t/what-im-making/62

      • I am replying to Ann’s reply here, because I didn’t see a way to reply any other way (i.e., there is no “reply” button below her message.) I want to follow up to say I did post about my project, including a link to my newly created Ravelry project page. I couldn’t find a way to post a photo, but I’ll keep studying to see if I can figure it out. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions.

    • I agree this would make a lovely wrap. I too wish for more details.

  • I am so glad that you introduced me to these women. They make my morning happy, every single day.

  • Love how rich the fibers look.

  • This is such a wonderful book, on many levels. The pictures are so wonderful. You don’t have to be a knitter to appreciate their beauty. And of course, all the projects are winners. Thanks for the ‘rest of the story’. It makes me appreciate the book all the more.

  • Oh gosh, this post is right up my alley. Thank you girls for this new format, sharing in the MDK esthetic is the best.

  • The photos in Field Guide No.1 were so well composed and artistic. Enjoyed the earthy yet urban aspect, but some seemed very dark. In a refreshing sort of way. Wondering whether the darker effect was intentional or a result of printing? The paper is nice to touch.

  • Knitting can be a small world. It makes me happy to encounter Adrienne Martini here!

    • Soon I will be everywhere, like McDonalds and Elvis.