Mittenquest: On the Hunt for Estonian Mittens

November 11, 2016

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  • Thanks Mary Neal!

  • How lovely to have a glimpse of this trip, and what a great adventure. I love the skirt fabric…

    • anyone else thinking this is an awesome narrow-stripes color inspiration for a variation on a Station Wagon Blanket? A million ends to weave in, … or maybe they could be left on as shaggy fringe between the columns… or left on and braided together… Let the wildness ensue!


  • Beautiful mittens. Will you be making any more mitten kits? Or, will you be offering patterns for the mitts?

    • Hi Susan! If Mary Neal goes back to Estonia, I’m going with her . . . we don’t have more kits in the pipeline at the moment (we sold out before I could get one myself!). But there are a lot of Estonian mitten patterns over on Ravelry. mittens And I think any fingering weight wool, Shetland especially, would give a good result. The 1.5 mm/000 needles have captured my imagination, I have to say.

  • When will MDK be able to ship parcels to the UK – soon, please soon!!

  • I am disappointed in how commercial your site has become with your new format. It seems that you’re always selling something – knitted items, yarn kits, etc. – or promoting someone else who’s selling something. I don’t think I’ll be back.

    • Hi Jane,

      We aren’t apologetic about selling things we love or telling readers about designers and makers we love.

      We’re also proud to present a wealth of great content –free for readers– for which we’ve paid writers, designers and photographers fair compensation.

      We hope this experiment is sustainable, and meanwhile we’re working hard and having a great time.


    • Agreed. I’m going to stick around a while, but the constant adverts are annoying. I’m here for the posts between Kay and Ann, and for me those are drowning in all the other stuff now.

  • These are fascinating because I know the pattern on the hand from Norway:
    It’s identical to the back of the hand on a pair of gloves I knit from a pattern in Terri Shea’s Selbuvotter. The pair that the pattern was written from comes from Annemor Sundbø’s massive collection in southern Norway!
    The blend of that motif with the solid fingers and the very Estonian cuff is really interesting.

    • Knitting–like fashion–is such a tsimmes (yiddish for mixed-up stew)–endless manipulation of shared elements, by professionals and amateurs. The fact that you can trace that pattern is amazing.

  • One of my favorite memories of Tallinn and mittens actually took place at a restaurant off the main square. The downstairs part was the typical tourist filled place, and upstairs was a nice restaurant with a friendly Enlish speaking waiter. Near our table was a very contemporary floor lamp. The wide column that served as the pole was covered with white garter stitched knitting, and “growing” out of that, sort of like mushrooms on a tree trunk, were white handknitted mittens. We were about halfway through the meal before my husband commented that he couldn’t figure why there were mittens all over the lamp, although the answer would have been obvious to any knitter!

    • What a cool memory. I don’t know how I’m going to get to Estonia but I think I have to try!

      • In your newsletter you said you are looking for volunteers to bring back mittens and kits. I’m volunteering. Ever since I visited Tallinn a few years ago I wanted to go back but could not figure out how to get back there. The group I was with were lucky enough to get a traditional costume presentation from the shop that you mentioned. I also loved all the food there.

  • Whoever bought “Estonian Gloves: Red Edge” wins the I-really-wanted-these-for-myself prize. Congratulations!!!

    • I confess — that was me. They are just too fabulous for words!

      • Oh, I’m so glad!

  • I took the ferry to Tallinn from Stockholm a few years ago with a fellow knitter. What a fabulous trip — we were only there a few days, but had a great time looking at the handknits, especially the shawls. I came home with beautiful things. And we found a great yarn store, too!

    Thanks, Mary, for your report and for bring back all those spectacular mittens.

  • Amazing coincidence, we last night decided to visit Estonia and Latvia in July next year. Will be hunting out these places lol

  • I love everything about this post! Thank you for allowing us to travel virtually with you!!!

  • I love your new site and have to discipline myself about the amount of time I spend browsing. There is so much content and so much to learn. Living in Canada, I cannot purchase offerings, which is probably a good thing for our bank balance, but there is so much to read and absorb that no-one has to buy if they don’t want to. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Beautiful!