Squad Mitts, Up Close and Personal

By Ann Shayne
November 9, 2016

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  • I think Kermit adds drama. Two thumbs (in fingerless mitts) up, Kermit!

    • Looks just like sitting down to knit at my house, only the cats are all black.

    • I ordered my Squad Mitt kit yesterday. In the colors you showed in the video. I’m so excited to getting started. Thanks for posting today. It was great so see something beautiful.

    • Ditto!

  • Kermit has a very commanding presence!

  • Kermit just wants to be where the action is. I plan to start on a pair of Squad Mitts soon. I don’t mind working with double pointed needles so will probably do the whole thing with DPNs.

  • This is one of the most rewarding patterns I have knit. It was very fast (comparing to sock knitting) and so fun to decide about the colors. I want to make dozens more to accessorize my clothes. Kermit added just the right amount of spice to the movie. He is a natural star. I would love to know how he got his name. And now that I’ve made a pair of mitts, I can give myself permission to cast on the Breton cowl. I just need to order my kit.

  • Well now I have to bookmark this and watch it when I get home. Because I must see Kermit’s cameo. #ILoveKermit

    • See FudLAYDY?


      NOT ferm KrMT

  • Every time I see these mitts I get a little bit sadder that I don’t know how to knit! Must find a knitting friend and convince them to make me a pair.

    • I bet your local yarn shop has lessons or would help. U tube helps too

    • If you can get to central Massachusetts, I will be happy to teach you to knit.

  • Kermit is awesome, and the gloves look great too.

  • Good job, Kermit. Ann, this wee video is enough to cement my need to buy Field Guide No. 1. I have been knitting fingerless mitts for the past few weeks, and the thumb is tricky. I love the way these look.

  • Love these mitts!

  • Great video! And…Kermit’s role gave me one of my few laughs today. Thank you!

  • Kermit was pretty bossy, I agree.

  • I would like to see pattern sold separately so I could use my stash.