Christopher Guest’s Quiet Looniness

By Ann Shayne
November 6, 2016

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  • I needed this post, so many ideas to binge on while working on simple house slippers for Christmas. And that cute shrug she’s wearing on the Mascots trailer. Does anyone know the pattern? Living in Florida where it’s now HOT all year long and so cold inside one needs a light little wrap.

    • What pattern are the house slippers? I just saw on Instagram where Karen Templer is working on a nice psir of classic style.

  • OMG you must lobby him to make a knitting mockumentary! Let’s get brainstorming, people.

  • Spinal Tap is a family rite of passage in our house. We call your first time seeing it your tap mitzvah!

  • The first time I saw Spinal Tap was right after the removal of my wisdom teeth and the movie was just released. My face was swollen and bruised, as if I lost a terrible fight. As I sat in the theatre, I recall that every time I laughed I also cried in pain. I don’t ever recall laughing so hard during a movie. The movie is pure genius. Smell the Glove.

  • “Mine goes up to eleven.”

  • I have never seen Spinal Tap. I shall make a note, and watch it on a Lazy Sunday when the snow is high and the winds are blowing. Today, in southern Ontario, we are experiencing early fall weather, where one barely needs a coat for a walk, and definitely doesn’t need one to finish the outside yard work. Three large trugs full, and still more to go. My back and I are taking a short break to have some lunch.

  • Now I know exactly what I’m doing tonight with my extra Daylight Saving Time hour: the Never-Fail Mitts and the new Chris Guest flick! The perfect election anxiety quencher. THANK YOU.

  • One of my favorite movies of all time – owned it in videotape first, still have it in dvd. Can quote it at length (but refrain to avoid annoying people), never fail to appreciate watching it. If I could choose only one line from it: “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever”.

  • Christopher Guest is just the best. My personal favorite is Waiting for Guffman. My husband and I watched that so many times (years ago) and we quote it all the time. Spinal Tap is right up there too!

  • If you’re interested in pre-Guffman Christopher Guest, check out “Goodbye Pop,” an audio album from National Lampoon. I have it on vinyl, but now can only find it on YouTube. It’s a look at early-mid 70s rock music and formatted sort of like a late-night radio show. In addition to CG in multiple roles, it features Bill Murray, Gilda Radnor, John Belushi, and others from early SNL and SC-TV. Unbelievably brilliant if you’re old enough to remember the music. My first encounter with Christopher Guest and I’ve been a fan ever since.