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  • Love love this show! It is just so silly and fun. I used to have then on VCR tapes so glad to know I can watch on you tube.

  • There is also a sequel show with the same cast called ” Are you Being Served, Again?” that follows them post-store as they run a hotel. It lasted only 2 years but it is hilarious!

  • I love, love, love that show. “Is anyone free?” “I’m free!”

  • And all this time I thought it was the color of Mrs. Slocombe’s ever changing hair!
    (hint: the color of her hair changes almost every episode …)
    Nice to know where to find this old tv friend. It might be a good antidote to the news.

  • I loved that show, too, along with Keeping Up Appearances! Both great, timeless comedies. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Oh, thanks for reminding me about this show. Definitely worth watching again. Last week I watched episodes of Fawlty Towers. I only have one DVD, but such a great way to spend a few hours, laughing and knitting.

    • Top Britcoms,
      Are You Being Served,
      Keeoing Up Appearances,
      Waiting For God.
      The world wouldn’t be the same
      without them

      • Don’t forget “One Foot in the Grave” and “The Thin Blue Line” with the actor who plays Mr. Bean.

        • Rowan Atkinson, he was also an interesting Maigret. Did you see Johnny English Reborn ( again)? This is my favorite!

      • Also “Grace & Favour”. America knows it as “Are You Being Served Again?”.

      • You are absolutely right! No guilt here, they are all hilarious!

  • Uh-oh. This explains why Ann’s been looking for a chartreuse wig for Halloween this year…;-)!

  • I didn’t know that the episodes are on YouTube! Yay! Thanks Kay! Life is much better now.

  • The lift floor announcements and the cash register ka-ching! Mollie Sugden’s “Good morning Mr. Grainger, are you free?” Everything about it. Heading for YouTube now. Thanks!

  • Many of these old British comedies are better than what’s on the tv today. So glad to hear about this being on utube.

  • I loved that show! Time to re-watch.

  • Yes!

  • I used to watch this all the time! I hadn’t thought of Mrs. Slocum’s pussycat in years, but it seems particularly relevant now!

    I’m watching Luke Cage and loving it. It’s very well-written and takes it’s time developing the story. And Mike Colter is very easy on the eyes!

  • I can’t get enough of Are You Being Served up to this very day. Hilarious

  • Thank you, one of my fav Brit comedies! Mr Humphrey stole the show! Good Neighbors is also worth watching.

  • Love that show. I heard they are remaking it: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/you-being-served-remakes-star-7415081

  • I adore this show. It is smart comedy. It is loveable comedy. It is enjoyable comedy. This is one of the shows that really got it right!

  • “For a compilation, check out number 4″….there were tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. Thank you!

  • Best ensemble cast that everyone should enjoy & nothing is like it today

  • Ah, old British comedies! Always worth a watch! I also love Waiting For God and As Time Goes By (starring none other than Dame Judi Dench)

  • What a rabbit hole I started down yesterday! Have to say, however, NOT a good knitting show. Split stitches while splitting my sides.

  • Love this program, but Keeping Up Appearances beats it for British slapstick hilarity!!