Biased? Skewed? Bent Out of Shape? Yes!

By Ann Shayne
October 14, 2016

We happen to know where one could procure some Rifton.



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  • Love it!

  • Embrace the skew!!!

  • How was the bias effct when a while back you made that Belinda wrap scarf from the color chages kind of Rifton? Maybe it is doing that here because you’re actually working with two different hanks of yarn for a color change. Anyway, it is pretty no matter what.

  • I love the color of your knitting. Also very interesting about the bias I am a newish knitter of just a few years 3 this fall, and I did not know this.

  • I spot juicy + blah going on there! Very MDK colors.

  • What effect does a good blocking have? Is is like a summertime Tennessee hairdo – great on Saturday but definitely looking cattywampus by Monday?

    • Love that word, “cattywampus”.

  • If I may go off the subject for a moment, I have a question about an order I just placed with my Android phone. I put in my credit card number manually (did not scan) and put in all requested info to make my order complete. However, there was nothing indicating confirmation when I finished the order. How do I know that my order wasvactually received?

    • Good morning, Diane! We’ll check and be in touch with you directly via email. Thank you for writing!

      • Thanks!

  • I ordered some of your Rifton, not realizing that it is a single strand. I understand about it biasing. However, the problem that I have with singles is that it can untwist unless it has been properly fulled. The untwisting depends upon the combination of direction in which it was twisted, and whether or not the knitter is a thrower or a picker. I throw, which twists the fiber in an S direction. If I knit with a singles that has been Z twisted, I am undoing that twist as I knit. In some yarn, that causes the yarn to drift apart. If I knit with a yarn that is twisted in the S direction, I am adding twist, but I have never noticed a problem with that.
    I guess the solution would be to learn to be a knitter who picks…..tough thing to do at my age, although not impossible I suppose !
    It will be interesting to see how I make out with the Rifton yarn.

    • I didn’t have any trouble with untwisting when I knit my first Rifton (a Metronome wrap, which is garter stitch) this summer. It is indeed fulled. I had a skein from Jill during our yarn-design phase and asked her why it didn’t feel like my other skein of Rifton and she said, oh I just sent that for color, you need to full it if you’re going to knit it, so I followed her instructions and soaked it in hot water and it completely transformed. All skeins shipped by Jill have been washed in this manner before winding. Please report on how you find it, Judy! (And thanks!)

      • Thanks, Kay. I shall let you know my thoughts on Rifton. However, that may take awhile, as I am in midst of some charity plus family Christmas knitting…..and I am slow !

  • So, this will become a narrow Belinda Wrap? Will you be dropping stitches or something? Belinda is so holey while this looks ribbed to me. This yarn looks gorgeous!

  • Hear! Hear!

  • Who knew? So interesting. Thanks.

  • And here was me looking at that first picture and thinking, “How clever to get that perfectly slanted striping – you colorwork experts are so amazing! I wonder what it looks like on the reverse?” And instead I learn something new about singles – thanks 🙂
    Also, bit of a sidetrack, but wow, that Belinda Wrap looks Extremely Well Suited for knitting in cashmere laceweight. Possibly in, oh, say a light slate blue and a natural. If a person happened to have those colors on hand. Just sayin’.

  • Where are the directions?

  • My Rifton just arrived and it looks and feels so lovely. Will be poking around on your site and Ravelry to decide what to make . . . Can’t wait to get it onto the needles. Love the new website . . .