A Visit with Melanie Falick

October 13, 2016

It Ain’t Bragging if It’s True

Room for a pony, a sweater project, and a few groceries in this hardy Baggu bag.



Our Exclusive Breton Cowl

Pattern available in print or digital download here.



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  • I want to meet Melanie or at least read her book, Making a Life! It’s where I am at in life.

    I love this new direction MDK is taking. I’m all in!

    • My sentiments exactly! As soon as I read that line, I thought “I want to read that book RIGHT NOW!” As I reach the ancient stage (now 73), I’ve been thinking a lot about being a maker, and the other makers in my life — husband, daughters — and how incredibly satisfying it is to create with one’s own hands.

  • I have all three of her books; I tried to teach myself using the kids one and her Weekend book was one of my first “I can dream about knitting” books. Did not realize she was helping you two now!! Even more excited to get my hands on the hard copy of Field Guide!!! Alas, it won’t be here in time for me to bring it to Rhinebeck for your autographs!

  • I love learning the back story behind your new field guide and what you two have been up to getting this new venture going. You have a nice circle of friends!

  • “It feels really good to be working with forward-thinking people who don’t have a lot of preconceived notions to contend with.” Sounds…so good. And Melanie herself sounds like a wonderful person to work with!
    (Just requested “Knitting in America” through interlibrary loan. Looking forward to some treat-quality reading, possibly by the first fire of the season.)

  • I like all these books, but the book I really associate with Melanie Falick is Handknit Holidays. I came across it when I was a new knitter, and loved all the projects in the book, though most were beyond my skill level at the time. But the Elf Hat was easy and fun. It was one of the first hats I ever knit, and one that I’ve knit many times since! Oh, and its little cousin, the Hershey’s Kiss hat, was one of the first baby hats that I ever knit.

  • Melanie’s “Knitting for Babies” with Kristin Nicholas is another one of my favorites.

  • My first knitting book of the modern era was Handknit Holidays.

  • As I look at turning 80, I think I should settle down and choose my path and not be such a squirrel. Maybe this book will ground me.