Knitting Reenactment: Breton Cowl

By Kay Gardiner
October 12, 2016

Rule No. 1 Mug

A sturdy diner mug with a message that can get you to the other side of intarsia.



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  • Gorgeous cowl!

  • I continue to be amazed by what a difference color makes… I found the Breton Cowl kind of a yawn in the original colors. Not so in these colors! Onto the queue it goes.

  • Kay, your sentiments with regard to your MMM, were beautiful. They brought a tear to my eyes thinking of my own mom.
    The cowl is lovely, and your report really brought my attention to it.

  • Following up on the “gift drawer” theme, this is a perfect example of something I can thoroughly enjoy knitting for a to-be-determined recipient. Don’t you love the techniques that are relatively simple (not finger-bendingly K3TTBL-intense) and produce an elegant result? It’s all heel-turning to me 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • That just might be a first…a “knitting reenactment!”

  • Absolutely beautiful and thank you for the reenactments!

  • It is so cruel for you to write this because I haven’t received my Field Guide yet! (Cue the whining.)

  • Oooh! I have done welts in the Montbretia cowl from the Book of haps, this looks like a lovely way to do more. I too always cut and weave rather than carrying yarn up the back of things.

  • Thanks for your tips. As a nearsighted person with bifocals, your picking up looks so much better.

  • I am waiting to see you in person this weekend to buy my copy of the first Field Guide! The cowl is lovely and luxurious, maybe my mom needs one as well!

  • It looks great! So soft, cushy, and warm. MMM will love it, if you and/or Olive don’t swipe it. (Don’t bring it near the MDK Yarn Testing Lab, or you’ll never see it again without a cat on it!)

  • Dearest Kay, Thank you for that handy tip about a dotted line! I am expected to “think” and “know things” during the work week. This takes some of the burden off during after-hours. I like this idea as much as I like highlighters!

  • “A few weeks ago, I knit through my Breton Cowl kit like it was a bag of Dark Lindor Truffles, leaving a trail of wrappers in my wake.” Love this image, as (of course) knitting and dark Lindt chocolate are two of our house staples!

  • This is the perfect solution for using up those partial skeins of kidsilk I have hanging about! I use them for lining mittens, but haven’t knit mittens in a few years (because one can honestly only have so many pairs), but this is a lovely way to use it on a pretty ultilitarian item

  • I do love a good knitting reenactment! Bravo!

  • ooooh this is a very good one. Very very good one.

  • Love this cowl. You are so sweet to give this to your mom. I lost my mom 5 years ago and she would have adored this cowl.

  • This is not the right place I know, but I like your hand towels very much and am wondering if they would work with a yarn that’s 70% linen/flax and 30%cotton?

  • Kay, your Most Moisturized Mom popped into my head this week because I was thinking that I hadn’t seen you talking about her lately. Glad to see this beautiful cowl might be a lovely gift for her.

  • Despite the most accurate technique for welts being to pick up in the exact-same stitch-column for each stitch, yours is the way I’ve always picked up to create a welt when working said welt in a different color than the rest of the piece – the dotted line is just too irresistibly visible!