Mini Skein Fun: Freestyling a Gradient Scarf

By Ann Shayne
October 10, 2016



We’ve loved Euroflax linen yarn forever, and are thrilled to offer it in mini-skein sets. Each pack contains five 65-yard skeins, in colorways chosen by the tastefullest person we know, Melanie Falick. O the possibilities!


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  • LOL – love that last photo & caption!

  • I love your linen Baktus. Love the randomness that doesn’t look random at all. Most of all I love the generous size that allows you to keep your ears warm while performing creative writing!

  • I think that cat is making a snarky cat comment on the babushka style of wearing. Typical.

  • We need more linen scarves! Says the woman in Atlanta who’s wearing sandals to work in October. Thanks for this.

  • I actually snorted at that last photo.

  • So happy you showed the last photo!! I guess once we are over 50, we are confident enough to share, even overshare. (You should see my Facebook profile picture; I took it at the beach in gale force winds, and a “friend” suggested a resemblance to Medusa. I don’t care) 😉

  • It’s also my new Ravelry photo! Over fifty, don’t care

  • Ann your last photo made me laugh! Laughing on a Monday morning is a miracle. Thanks for the suggestion, of a new project. I can’t wait to try this.

  • Thank you for the Monday morning laugh. 🙂

  • I am knitting up linen dishcloths for stocking stuffers. Solid colors till I only have snippets left; then the random striping will begin.

  • Kermit looks worried. That’s all I’m sayin.
    I made three Baktus (Bakti?) over a couple of years and gave each away so I could make another one. Have you tried the “lace” version? That’s the one I really, really find delightfully addictive.

    • Kermit worries about pretty much everything. In this case, he’s justified.

      Would love to try a lace Baktus! This pattern was 100% funfest even when I ran out of the “correct” color with 15 rows to go.

  • What’s the blue sweater pattern you’re wearing in the second to last photo?

    • That’s the dreamy Carpino sweater by Carol Feller, a truly wonderful pattern and a sweater I wear regularly. Madeline Tosh something or other is the yarn.

  • Normally, Sea + Earth = Mud. Just sayin’. And what is that Thing to Lay Upon Kermit is testing?

    • I thought “barrier islands.” And the colors work for that 🙂

      • Ha! I was thinking “sandy beach” myself.

  • Don’t you hate when you feel like the poster of Meryl Steep in The French Lieutenant’s Woman but you look like an extra in Fiddle on the Roof? XOX

    • At this point I’d settle for Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins.

      • LOL!!

  • Looks great. Adding it to my list. xxoo

  • Baktus Babushka….Baktbushka? Babushktus? Babakbushtuska? Whatever – it’s….. a look! 😉

  • Love the scarf and that last styling! Such a breath of fresh air after an awful weekend news-wise.

  • This is so FUN! (and “fun” has been a litte lacking, lately.) Thanks, Ann.

  • The new scarf is very charming. Multipurpose on purpose. The new MDK is superb! You’ve set the bar very high. Excellent and outstanding. CHEERS!

  • Love the last photo! What is it with pets/children and sitting on craft projects? Our dog always used to make a beeline for anything I had spread out on the floor for cutting, measuring etc.

    PS – just bought the ebook version of your first field guide, it is SO good! I can see many pairs of Squad Mitts being knit for various family and friends #squadgoals

  • The last photo is very Little Edie! (Complete with cat!) Or, at least, Little Edie in the 21st century. Were you practicing for another episode of Grey Garments?

  • I so love Snippets now. I watch for them on Saturday mornings and drink my coffee and read through all the lovely bits and am inspired by the yarns and colors and patterns. You do an excellent job…first rate artwork, pictures, writing. Just sayin’ .

  • Hi,
    I bought four of the euroflax mini skeins and ultimately used 3 of the four color groupings for a slightly modified Stephen West Unicorn parralleogram scarf. I love my new scarf.