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  • Love that sweater! Would you be so kind to pick me up a SW when you’re at Rhinebeck, please – jk. I love pockets and like you say they are in the right place!

  • I love a good lightweight sweater, but I’ve only managed to knit two of them (and one of them took me a full year to finish). If only I had more hours in the day to knit!

  • Yup, already on MY list! I love small needles and knitting while I read makes them go pretty fast.

  • Beautiful sweater…the pocket detail reminds me of Isabell Kraemer’s Pink Memories! Have fun at Rhinebeck! Life is short…buy beautiful yarn!

  • I’ve eyed Relax and Boxy for years, but when I saw Granito, I knew it was the one. The hardest part will be choosing a color. MDK KAL? I’m in!

  • Love it! Can we have a boxy-along? I’m with Sarah above–the lightweight ones can be a lonely slog.

  • This is a great sweater. I’ve toyed with the idea of Relax, but wasn’t sure how I would look in it. This is perfect. I will buy the pattern. I may even knit it someday.

  • P lease stop! I read your posts and then I have new projects in my Ravelry library. You have to stop! (No don’t…)

  • I love this. I might even have enough in my stash to get one on the needles .. One can never have too many cozy comfortable relaxed sweaters. Have you seen the new yarn made out of recycled denim?

  • I loved my first Boxy so much that I knit a second one out of my sock leftovers. Was hoping it would use up all of them…but no, there are still lots. It was great fun to just grab a color out of a basket, any color, whenever I felt like it.

  • Check out Delly’s Delights two options: Twist of Heaven or O So Soft? I’m addicted to these two yarns and I buy a new supply every year in Rhinebeck. I’ve used it for Relax and it’s my favorite sweater.

  • I can’t lay in my needs until after this weekend (Vermont Sheep & Wool). THEN, if I don’t satisfy my needs there, it’ll be 650 yds of worsted and 850yds of fingering, and then I think I’m focusing on spinning fibre! 😀

  • Wait. What about your grandad cardigan?

    • I can’t decide! Definitely need a stockinette-marathon on my needles.

  • Granite looks great in chartreuse.

    A thank you to Ann and Kay from me as the moderator of the http://www.ravelry.com/groups/chartreuse group. With your help we have gone up to 300 members. All hail the awesome power of Mason-Dixon Knitting!

    I bet Joji Locatelli loves you too. Those pockets are to die for.

  • Perfect! This should be a refreshing change from Big Floral Damask Things — and faster, too!

  • How do you stay patient with little needles and thin yarn? I can do a hat but I stick to size 8 and above for sweaters. It is just too tedious. Any tricks?

  • Di–

    If I have a train ride or a juicy TV show to watch, I can knit stockinette until the cows come home.

    The key is distraction. I knit projects like this when circumstances do not permit knitting anything but plain stockinette, and life presents me with so many of these situations.

  • I love it too, Kay. (says the gal who has made 3 Relax sweaters) Those pockets are primo.

  • I saw it in ravelry yesterday. Swoon!!! I’ve knit two 3 Boxy sweaters (Worsted, fingering and heavy lace) and have Elizabeth Dohrety’s Donner sweater http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/donner on the needles right now.

    I suspect this will be my next sweater cast on.

  • The Volvo of knitwear – lol. Reminds me of our old boxy Volvo that we absolutely loved.

    All of those sweaters look so sleek, yet comfy. I can see why you’re craving a marathon of stockinette stitch after your BFJ. Hope that’s going well. Sending continued good vibes your way for getting to a good/wearable stopping point before Rhinebeck.

    I’m very impressed with your level of organization (that you have thought about your upcoming yarn needs) considering the BFJ brain drain.

  • I “liked” this on Joji’s Instagram yesterday. Really nice. I like her others too.

  • Bring on the dramedy!