Baby’s First Steek

By Kay Gardiner
September 25, 2016

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  • Watching this made my stomach churn. I have some gradient yarn, a sweater patten I love. It is knit in the round, but is a pullover and I want a cardigan. I can do this…..I think.

  • This is the scariest thing I ever watched and it came out just fine. I almost have the courage to try it myself. A friend of mine steeked a sweater and she said it took her 20 minutes to gather the courage to make the first snip.
    Your cardi is gorgeous. go you.

  • This is painful to watch! I don’t know if I’d have the courage to cut it. Great job!

  • What a big girl! You think that a knit fabric is going to burst into flames when you cut it, but no. I took a class once in which we had knit all of the pieces of a doll-sized cardigan–three tubes–and did the finishing in class. Alas, there was a sewing machine involved. We ended up with exquisitely finished machine-sewn raw edges which were covered in picked-up purl bands. I love this kind of construction. Thanks for sharing.

  • OMG!! I completed a shawl, The Renaissance, knit in the round, with numerous colorwork designs in July,2018. All it needs to be finished is the crochet edging & then….(drumrolls) steeking. Can you tell I am beyond nervous?! I need someone to hold my hand while I do it! But after watching, deep breaths, maybe I can. Thanks for the courage! Maybe…

  • Wow! I am working on Ann Budd’s cup cozy from KnitStars 3.0 – blocked today, steeking tomorrow. Thanks for the dose of courage!

  • First time is the hardest…then you realize there is magic involved and you are the wizard!

  • I had seen this before, watching as a clinical exercise. Today I reviewed it just before doing a steek for the first time. Terrifying!!! I actually shrieked as you made the first cut. (It miraculously worked as advertised.)

    I just wanted to suggest that you label this post Rated PG or R ffor the scary content.