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  • Like these! I’ve done Zick Zack…………fun!

  • Here is my WIP… http://www.ravelry.com/projects/goodyarma/zickzack-scarf

    • Mona, that is so gorgeous. Loving the way all those colors play together!

    • Mona, I love the colors that you are using for your zickzack scarf!! Please post a photo when you finish it!

    • Those colors are so rich and yummy. Excellent choice of yarn. Congratulations!

  • Here’s mine: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Patty7737/zickzack-scarf
    Made for our second daughter’s 40th birthday.

    • Beautiful!

  • I have this pattern as well, I had forgotten it. Thank you for sharing!
    Next to do .

  • Make the ZickZack Scarf. I love mine beyond reason.

  • ZicZack as a scarf, and again as a shawl. Both in Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, which I think does a great job in any color!

  • thank you ann! almost ovals remains one of my favorite knits too; the original yarn from sweetgeorgia was the nicest cashmere i’ve ever knit with, making plump, yet silky oval cables; SO pretty!

  • I’ve made many ZickZacks because it’s mindl and can’t real make a mistake. Standing in line makes it bearable. I can use any self striping yarn I’ve bought the best from you and everyone loves thems. Always comes out pretty.