Knitting in Prison? Believe It

By Ann Shayne
September 24, 2016

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  • Well. I’m a jaded former child support officer, aware of knitting programs in prison such as this one, and this two minute video made me cry.

  • I have plenty of yarn to donate need more details

    • Knitters are so generous. Would love yarn donations must be new with ballband intact, must be worsted weight, wool is okay, but acrylic is best. Alot of restrictions but it is prision after all. What we actually prefer is monetary donations so we can buy what we need when we need it. Storage is a huge problem as we have to schlep all supplies in and out each week.
      So, thanks for asking . You could send yarn if it meets the qualifications or you could paypal us a small donation at [email protected]. email me for address for sending yarn.
      So grateful for your offer.
      Knit and Be Happy,
      Lynn Zweeling
      Knitting Behind Bars

  • Thanks! Based on comments looks like I’m not the only one who missed this the first time.