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  • Thanks, I’m going to try a couple of these…. in December

  • Tempting choices!

  • I love the look of Rilke, but does it stay on your head?!? It just seems like without the band it would get all stretchy and fall off. Any experiences anyone?

    • We need a field test of these hats!

    • I have made 2 Rikke. Using a #4 needle allows the first several inches to be much more snug than the rest of the hat knit on a #7. Since both were gifts I am not sure how they have withstood constant use, but I imagine washing and reblocking helps.

    • I have made four Rikke hats as the pattern is written and they stay on! Definitely use smaller needles for the band and you’ll be all set. I’ve used DK weight yarns from Spun Right Round, Hedgehog Fibres, and Savvy Skeins, all with awesome results.

    • I’ve made several Rikke hats. The band is knit with smaller needles, so it stays on beautifully.

    • I have made two Rikke hats. One I gave to a friend that liked to wear hers more as a beret. The extra “slouch” can be flattened easily beret style and it looked great on her. And yes, with the smaller needle size to start, no problem w it slipping. I love this pattern!

  • I am made a few favorite knit slouchy hats – they are pretty quick and look great in everyone. And the pattern is free! #winwin


  • Kay–since you are writing about knitting hats and I am still decompressing from a marathon knitathon of knitting pink pussy hats (11 of them) and marching in Washington DC this past Saturday, I wanted to thank you. I first learned of the pink hats and the march from a picture you posted either on Instagram or Twitter. Curiosity and inspiration resulted in me investigating further and deciding to take a road trip from East Tennessee to Washington DC to visit my daughter and outfit her and her friends in hats for our march. Thanks so many times over!

  • Add the cc copycat hat to the list. Great hat