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  • Have you got any tips to help me achieve a more even rib? Thank you.

  • I’m sure I’ve r wd this post before but perhaps because I’m currently knitting a hat that seems to begin with too small a circumference, I have a new fiund apprciation fo rthos post. And a great big smile b c your u are so funny. You amd Ann write my kind of funny. I think hte real problem is that no one has yet perfcted a really good way to knit in the round doe small circumferences. I’m considering trying 2 circs, as I’ve considered for years……

  • Sleeves are something that I always do flat. I cast on both sleeves and do them together. I add a stich marker to each sleeve to help me keep track of them (one st the start and one at the end of the 2). If both markers are together I’ve only knit one sleeve. This helps me to know that both sleeves are the same length

  • “It is easier to correct mistakes in a flat-knitted piece than a piece worked in the round” – this one rings true for me. I also really like that you can add bust darts after the fact if you knit in pieces. (You can baste the garment together, mark exactly the right point, measure how deep the dart needs to be, and with a little sweater surgery you have perfect bust darts.)