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  • Peanut butter and honey.

  • Jam. Your favourite type of jam. Lots of jam on buttered toast. Mmmm.

  • I’m with SueJ toast and vegemite wins everytime.

    • Toast and vegemite nothing better

  • I make all my own jam, favourite being black currant, or plum from our tree, or blueberry rhubarb. On toasted whole meal bread. Rats, I am in bed, but may now need a bed lunch, as a bed time snack is called in the amaritimes.

    • Peanut butter and homemade lilac and rose jelly! It is what the Angel’s eat in Heaven!

  • Butter topped with cinnamon applesauce.

  • Boris or Roses lime marmalade

    • Bovril not Boris!!!!!!!

  • I have celiac disease and don’t eat much gluten free bread because most of it is gross. But I do make an all-cornmeal cornbread, then eat the leftovers toasted, with butter (salted only please) and honey.

  • Unsalted butter and marmite on proper Maltese bread which is a bit like the No Knead. Mouth waters… also burrata or bufala mozzarella plus good olive oil. Or unsalted butter and either Frank Cooper or M& S chunky rind marmalade or a small artisanal marmalade with chunky rind and rosemary – divine!