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  • This made me happy. The colors! The names!

  • Wow! Lovely colors. Thanks. I will add it to the list of things I need to complete.

  • Have to love the good old Pip!

  • sweaterpoems!

  • I’ve had my eye on this design for some time. Thanks for reminding me it needs to be made sooner than later. And yes, those color names seem like half the fun of her yarns until it arrives live and in color.

  • oh so right to do it in DK ! I made it in sock yarn and it took me SIX MONTHS!!! This is me knitting it in Paris… https://fatblackcatjournal.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/so-madame-defarge-rides-again/ originally I wanted to wear it in Paris ha ! ha!

  • Did you keep the needle size suggested for the fingerling weight yarn?

    • Yes–size 6 for edging, size 8 for the main part. It’s making a nice fabric, not too tight.

  • Regarding the garter rib edging- is it as good at roll-prevention as standard rib? I see all that stockinette and just start worrying about rolling edges.
    Lovely colors.

  • Oh, good grief I love the creative constraint of trying to find color combos that make good/funny haikus. Neither of these color combinations are as good as yours, but I do enjoy the words together:

    Grumpy old sailor
    Faded grandeur after dark
    As you wish, Sherlock

    Babysitting blues
    Charming campfire confessions
    Poppycock punchy

  • The answer to a prayer. I have a ton of different colored yarn that I bought for a colorwork sweater that never got made. It will be perfect for this scarf. I get to get rid of the guilt. And I even have citron.

  • The forever knit rows I don’t mind, the purl rows, I do. I’m thinking about doing this in the round , creating a scarf that is half the width but 2x the warm!

  • Is this really a pattern?

  • Love it! The heck with deadlines.

  • Ball Band Haiku! Another art form from MDK! Yes!

    • Let the poetry festival begin!

  • Knitting haikus — all the feels (and laughs)!

  • I’ll be going out to throw hay in about a half hour, and I only wish I would be coming back in to a garnet martini.

  • I know that stitch as ‘broken rib’, and I use it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s such a great compromise between rib and garter, and I love the extra bit of texture it lends, especially with hand-dyed yarns.

  • I totally want to knit that haiku. <3

  • Beautiful knitting and gorgeous colors. Same palette as the painting I posted today. Maybe some day I will actually get some of that yarn. 😛

  • The Plucky Knitter has the most beautiful colors and the most amazing bases, Sarah and her crew are magical!! Haiku’s with the names is fantastic!! FYI, there is an update for Plucky Yarn tomorrow night on The Plucky Knitter blog.

  • Love the haiku…adore the color combinations! I’m with you, Ann – I’m knitting socks for a gift on size 1 needles with fingering weight alpaca. I don’t like knitting socks (it’s a long story!) and I have no patience for small needles and “small” yarn! I would be in the “home”, drooling and wearing Depends by the time I finished this baby with the recommended yarn and needles! Super smart decision to up the ante…go big or go home!!! And some call us blondes “stupid”…really?