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  • It’s not political but Henry Fonda is great in The Lady Eve. He plays against type and is very funny. It’s one of my faves.

  • A Face in the Crowd is one of my all time faves.

  • Just added A Face In The Crowd to my Amaxon watchlist. Reading the first review there leaves me waiting to see it with fearful anticipation. We are spending the weekend where my only link to civilization is my iPhone, so no movie for now.

  • Recently read “As always, Julia”. I’m not that young, but young enough to be astounded at how their discussions of McCarthy and politics at that time sounded like it could be today . The bright side is that the US muddled through the fear mongering and the sun continued to rise on many better days after that.

  • A Face in the Crowd is one of my favorite movies of all time. Who knew Andy Griffith had THAT in him?!

  • I love Henry Fonda. But my dead movie star crush is his best friend, James Stewart. <3

    I'm putting all three of those movies in my queue – they sound great!

  • Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury as a Waaay! overly ambitious political figure. Once you see her in this role you must watch several episodes of Murder She Wrote in a row to cleanse your mind of this image and restore Angela to her rightful place in the universe.

  • “Fail Safe” scared me witless as a child — I distinctly remember asking my father what would happen if an atomic bomb fell on Manhattan (we lived 11 miles away). He just looked at me and said nothing. I then asked, what if we were in the basement? as if one had a warning …. he later said that in a nuclear attack, one would wish to be annihilated immediately. I also remember when a gas tank (one of those you see along the beautiful NJ Turnpike. you can read the sarcasm in that remark) blew up, and he counted the seconds between the light and the sound to determine how far it was.

    The last scene in that movie — of the woman and her child going to a movie theater (?) still haunts.

    I wish we had a good indy movie theater nearby. I’m jealous. But the Husbeast is a huge fan of TCM and old, pre-code movies.

    • The movie that always makes me shiver like that is “On the Beach”. The book it’s based on (by Nevil Shute) is very good, the last part (where they go out to sink the submarine) always disturbs me.

  • “A Face in the Crowd” predicted the rise of Glenn Beck with striking accuracy, don’t you think? I also love the glimpse of Lee Remick at the end. What a lovely actress she was.

    Is the Belcourt also showing “Z”? One of the greatest political movies ever, full of wonderful performances.

  • Don’t you just love how they advertised movies back then? So. Dramatic.
    I’m entertained just reading the movie posters!

  • Dear Ann and Kay,
    Sorry to change the subject….
    Rhinebeck is coming up. It’s my first time. Would you consider a post for Rhinebeck Virgins? Sure would appreciate your guidance

  • You got to see “The Best Man” on a big screen? I am jealous. The undercurrents pull you in. I can’t decide which is my favorite Henry Fonda movie: “The Best Man” or “On Golden Pond”

  • The movies are great but I’m most excited about a functional bathroom for women at The Belcourt. Oh My Goodness…the former bathroom was the worst ever. I hope to catch a film there on my next visit.

    • Jan, it is SPECTACULAR. The bathroom, I mean. The whole thing, actually, but the bathroom is so . . . spacious.

  • Fail Safe and Best Man were from my era and I remember seeing them. Fail Safe left me shuddering.

  • Love your Lazy Sunday recommendations! My public library has Fail Safe; Netflix has A Face in the Crowd (and Advise and Consent) on DVD. All on my list now! Thank you. (Oh, and thank you for yesterday’s post. I took from it the inspiration and permission to knit all weekend!)

  • My husband remembers them all and acted with your comments. He suggests Dr. Strangelove next.

    • I second Dr. Strangelove – absolutely a must-see.

  • Network is my favorite media/political movie. To me, its like the screenwriter, Paddy Chayefsky, had a crystal ball.

  • My favorite Henry Fonda flick…The Mad Miss Manton! Just watched it again today. I’m a big fan of the screwball mystery films of the 30s and 40s.

  • Looking ahead to the political colour films festival, I’ve always remembered The Candidate – from 1972 with a young Robert Redford – love the ending.

    • Yes! The Candidate is a great political move. The craziness of this election makes me want to re-watch “Wag the Dog” – which was nuts when I saw it the first time – but now seems tame.

  • Thanks! Great suggestions – I’ve only seen one of these. I saw “The Best Man” on Broadway years ago and it was excellent. Any movie that can keep me sane through this election season will be a balm for my anxiety!

    Speaking of movies – the handknit ratio in “The Light Between Oceans” is off the charts! OMG! I adored the book – saw the movie this weekend and while my seatmates were all crying at the plot I was overcome with counting the number of hand knits. An awesome shawl. Baby layettes in what looks like real homespun stuff. Michael Fassbender in ragg turtlenecks. I think she even worn handknitted tights. It’s a no miss movie for knitters. Some day some blog will do that thing where they can get a still picture off the DVD and show them all.

    Is it odd I want to see it again mostly for the knits? #Sad.

  • There must be a movie version of Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here”.
    It kinda did.