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  • I am presently making a cowl out of some Lichen and Lace yarn in the ‘Shrooms colourway. I keep wondering if I like it. Boring, or calm? And then a blob of yellow (could it be chartreuse yellow?) and some more ‘shroom colour… Keeps me on my toes, at least!

  • That rug! But also that yarn!

  • I have an old kilim in need of repair, but that one is gorgeous. Love those yarns too. All my colors!

    Happy Labor Day weekend!!

  • Denim?! I thought it was i-cord!

  • Thanks, Ann. I just spent this week’s allowance. Ah, the joys of buying yarn while you’re still laying in bed.

  • Thank you for this dose of beauty. Daylily, indeed.

  • I just had an entertaining wander around Mustafa Vardarsuyu’s shop. I love this:
    “In Turkish, flatweaves mean ‘Kilim’. And, there is a saying ‘Kilim demek ilim demektir’ Meaning; ‘Kilim is science.’ The engineering of the kilim (warp and weft) is the basic knowledge which have given root to major knowledges in physics and arithmetic. (x,y coordinate system)”

    • I loved learning this. Thanks!

  • Beautiful sights. And yes, I love yard, the more unique the better and and I’m grateful someone else makes it for me.

  • I, too, am often seduced by the color of some of the wonderful hand-dyes out there. Then I think “what would I make with it?” I love to knit lace, and lace and a variegated pattern do not mix well. So very glad indie dyers are also now dying tonal skeins!

    So, lately I’ve been buying fabric…..

  • that rug . . . another thing to covet/aspire to. just had no idea one could make that “broken” piece look so like art.

    thank you!

  • A very useful tool lives in the bottom of my knitting bag. It’s a teleidoscope that lets me view a skein of yarn and get some ideas for how it might knit up. It’s especially useful for seeing how a pile of different yarns might mash together.

    I put pictures of two yarns and their teleidoscope image in this project page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/amyvong/linen-weave-boomerang

  • You shouldn’t run so fast. If you didn’t run so fast, maybe you wouldn’t *catch* the cold?

  • I don’t know which I love more, though the Lichen and Lace from New Brunswick, Canada has me spending money I don’t have. Brilliant. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I tried squinting at the yarn, but realized if i just took off my glasses I experienced the desired blurry effect. Who knew the skein was so pinky?

  • Clearly I’ve been watching too many episodes of Law & Order because when I look at the denim repair work on the rug it looks like a crime scene outline to me.

    • April, I totally concur – you put a big smile on my face with this comment!

  • That Lichen and Lace is so gorgeous, all those shadings going in and out of each other. Deep sigh of appreciation. Feel better soon!

  • Thanks (I guess) for making/allowing me to buy some yarn from Lichen and Lace. You are a great enabler, aka bad influence.

  • The Lichen and Lace color reminds me of maple trees in autumn. Ahhhhhh!

  • Love the yarn color! I’ve been orange and rust obsessed since last Autumn, and just completed a dark rust rolled crew neck pullover I plan to all but live in as soon as the weather turns crisp and refreshing. Have not yet sated my orange cravings, however, so there will be more articles of orange finery on my horizon.

  • So glad to find another yarn obsessed person who has no interest in spinning or dying. I don’t make my own pasta and I don’t spin my own yarn. I’d rather spend the time eating or knitting.

  • Loving this all! Maybe give older son a rug for his dorm room to make space for visibly mended rug?It’s the kind of thing you’ll keep thinking of when you never see one like it again.