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  • Up till now masondixon has made me laugh so much but this Sunday morning it made me cry. Wonderful film.

    • Me too.

    • I’ve seen it three times today and cried every time…

  • I love Barbara Kingsolver.

    I love knitting.

    I love reading.

    This is a win win WIN!!

  • I wonder why knitting/crochet is so *hard* for others to understand as both a craft and and art? Painting can be a new color on your kitchen wall, or it can be a memorial mural of Prince on a building in downtown Minneapolis, or it can be the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I tend to think of my own knitting designs as architectural achievements, but there’s a continuum of architecture as well.

  • Thanks so much for bringing the first film into my life. Beautiful. As for the second film, is it scary that I have decided to knit (or learn to crochet) my own mermaid costume after watching the trailer?

  • WHAT IF Mason Dixon had a Yarn Bombing KAL? It can be as simple as a neckscarf for a little garden cherub or covering a bus? Everyone who participates posts their pic? Oh the possibilities you guys inspire in us!

    • What a great idea! Think of the statues that need hats, bike racks that need covers, or, as one member of my knit group suggested, cylindrical pylons that guide traffic out of our work parking lot that need big knitted condoms for STD awareness! The possibilities are endless!

      • Ugh, cylindrical pylons! I knew they had a name, but couldn’t think of it: BOLLARD.

  • Yes, Ann, that debate of craft vs, art also makes me feel tired. I think it is subjective. A quick Ravelry search of “ballband dishcloth” will show that there are close to 10,000 (yes!) project entries. Does that mean it’s art? Not necessarily. However, then Andy Warhol’s soup cans come to mind. Generally considered to he art, they did give a little thrill, but the not as much of one as putting together colors for my next dishcloth. It’s all subjective.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take yarn bombing. Some folks have made really wonderful pieces which go to beautify urban areas in need of some sprucing up. I have always wondered if it’s like snow, initially beautiful and clean then dirty and grimy looking as the days (and cars) go by. To me, true beauty would be to take the same yarn and knit/ crochet items for folks as an expression of love (either for charity or for those near and dear). Now the love that would be spead around from doing that would really “beautify” our surroundings. I remember a time when you took little balls of Noro yarn, lovingly saved leftovers fom other projects, and knit a scarf to comfort a friend who had just lost her mom. To me, that was beauty.


  • Craft v. Art, i completely agree with you! I am definietly not an artist, just like I’m not a chef. : )

    Btw, thanks to your post on Arne & Carlos I just ordered some of their yarn – it was on sale how could I not? Especially when I don’t really knit socks.

    Btw, I feel your One-Sock KAL was created especially for me. I dug up the socks. Posted their pics and sad story. Then found myself casting on for a shawl, which i ran out of yarn for (that was expected) and now am spending hours on colors for a Moderne Log Cabin. But I’ve still got plenty ‘o time. Right?

    Can’t wait to watch the embedded vids.

    Btw, once the secret-but-sure-to-be-wonderful Ann & Kay venture is launched will the newsletter replace the blog?

  • My two cents worth: knitting and crochet can be art or craft, but they go beyond that. It’s about process and appreciation, history, connecting with those who went before us who had no choice but to make and make do. For many it’s about community. For me it also brings together the cycle from sheep (or plant) to spinner, to dyer, to designer to maker. It’s about investing yourself in a handmade article for yourself or a loved one. Let’s face it, we’d all probably save money and certainly time by just buying a mass produced item of the rack, but we’d never have a relationship with that article like do with something we’ve created for ourselves.

    • Here, here! Beautifully said.

  • That first video — wow! And I have had a poster for Yarn on my wall for awhile. Probably won’t get to see it, though — too remote.

  • We saw the James video last year when the song was released in the UK. Every time I see it, I’m in floods of tears, and when my Dad died last year it became even more poignant. Thanks for sharing it again xx