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  • Here, the sun has yet to show itself. If only I could knit today away, with yarn as inspiring as Rifton.

  • You could try a second skein of Rifton to make a full Belinda. Just try to get the same colorway. It won’t be the same dye lot, but the shading in Rifton should help camouflage the difference.

  • Such a pretty yarn and nice reminder abut a pattern that I long forgot about. I’m getting out my book now!

  • Interesting concept, Ann, to knit the Belinda in one direction only, EZ would approve a knitter not being a “blind follower ” (even if it IS your pattern that you’re following!). ????

    Knit on!


  • I love Rifton. I used up my one skein on a project I cannot show yet, but I want more. (Taps toe impatiently.) What a sweet reminder of your friend, who would certainly approve of forging ahead.

    • I miss Belinda’s voice in this forum.

      • Me too.

      • I appreciate getting the link to the post about her death. I had missed seeing it at the time and later on realized later from some other post she was being discussed in the past tense. It seems appropriate that the pattern is cut short by the end of the yarn. The piece looks wonderful as is, but it is not as it was originally envisioned.

  • Aahhhhh. I feel relaxed just reading this.

  • I was looking at Belinda over the weekend and thinking it might make a fine summer project, possibly in linen. Look forward to seeing where yours takes you.

    • It is really great to make in linen. I made one a while back for Kay that was half laceweight linen, half silk.


      • My linen/seasilk Belinda has survived all KonMaris. Just saying. The all-seasons neck cozy.

  • Beautiful post, and I love the pattern. That wrap you made Kay is gorgeous!

  • Ann, absolutely beautiful post. Thanks…

  • Oh Ann, this made me weep. <3

    • Me too. Drop everything and cry–very cathartic. Gonna shake it off and get something DONE, with a laugh and a cup of tea, Belinda-style.

  • I think of Belinda all the time, although I never met her in person. We had a lovely email and Instagram correspondence in which she recommended tons of places for me to go in London and offered to get together (though, alas, she was away on holiday while I was there). I had forgotten that this pattern was named for her, will have to try it, or maybe a Tamatori cowl.