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  • Your sweater looks amazing! Even more amazing, it has you enjoying conference calls. The hard projects thread is inspiring. Right now, my hard project is cleaning my house so I can knit in a pleasant environment.
    I also look forward to hearing from Ms Julia.

    • DITTO!

  • You may want to check out author Margaret Atwood on Twitter. She too is a lapsed knitter who has recently taken it up again and she has been tweeting about it.

    • As a knitter AND a Canadian, that is SO cool.

  • Happily living vicariously through Ann and Kay watching their Hard Knitting Projects grow. I’m awestruck. These projects have everything you could want in an art project — color, texture, whimsy and a story. Will check in tomorrow morning.

  • So beautiful! I always like to hear about what inspires designers. Amazing that she could bring such a beautiful piece of knitting out of a shipwreck sighting.

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  • Beautiful! I’d probably never make a Starmore sweater to wear, but your posts make me wish that Starmore curtains existed.

    • they have cushion patterns!

      • And gorgeous shawls (which could be lap blankets, if you’re not the shawly type) and scarves, too.

  • I love the idea of coloring the fair isle chart!

  • I am in awe! I wish I could knit like you!!!!

  • Gosh I guess I thought for all the $$, time, and specific yarn colors that the chart in kit would be precolored. It would take me as long to color that as to knit it. You are a rock star and I can’t wait to dig out my Prismacolors!

  • I want to be in on the Julia meet and greet. Count me in!!!

  • Excellent progress on the shipwreck sweater. Nice chart colouring too.

    I’ve been working on a HKP for years. A man size, BW textural tree of life stitch pattern – all twisted, single stitch cables, that travel across to vertical twisted stitch columns (tree trunks?). Slow going. Crunchy, pungent, straw embedded, pale buckskin coloured wool. Design as I go.

    Inspired/motivated, I’ve dug it out, and I am committed to making meaningful progress. I really need to get it done (so I can wear it) Completing the back is in sight. A good project for the current sad economy where I live – maximum knitting entertainment value per stitch, using stashed yarn. Nice early morning garden knitting with coffee, or late night knitting (with a good cocktail). 2 rows on this HKP is a good dose of knitting.

    Purling through the back is still tricky.

    Also an Insta-knit deep blue Gansey-ish sweater/knit-frock my last year self didn’t feel like seaming or picking up stitches evenly for the collar. Need to finish this one too. Necessary for seawall/breakwater walks during off-season west coast getaways. A guy can’t really pull off coastal brooding/horizon gazing wearing Mountain Equipment Co-op synthetics.
    A true, authentically constructed Gansey is on my future-self’s to knit list.

    I wonder if Margaret Atwood would like to hang out and knit with a fellow Canuck?

  • This sweater is absolutely stunning! I love watching your progress…I don’t know if I could ever take on a project of this magnitude, but I love reading about it!

  • How did you decide what size to make? Normally I would make a medium for myself but that’s 46 inches according to the Glenesk chart. Ten inches of ease seems like a lot, even for a sweater to be worn more like a jacket. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    • I used a previous Starmore sweater as my guide! The gauge on Glenesk is slightly larger (28 sts = 4″ rather than Donegal’s 30 sts = 4″), so I eyeballed the old sweater, tried it on, and decided to go with the small size because it is the closest to the size of the old sweater. Ease is such a subjective thing–for many years, I was so averse to anything clinging to me that I’d regularly make things with 10 inches of ease! More is more!

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the voice of Princess Atta in “A Bug’s Life” (Pixar’s finest moment IMHO) so how could she not be wise to the wonders of knitting? 🙂 xx

  • Gorgeous beyond words. Love he colors, and the pattern inspiration. Very cool!

  • Hey, did Kay see that Alabama Chanin is going to be teaching a workshop at the Soho Patagonia store April 28? Can’t figure out how to comment on last month’s video clip post, where it would be more appropriate.

  • My question is how anyone does a conference call without knitting?
    ps this is stunnmng!