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  • Happy Easter Ladies!

  • Love the photos! Fun stuff.

  • Happy Easter all around. (Not for nothin, but, no bonnets?)

    • Yes, you both (all) look adorable! But I also wondered about the lack of Easter chapeaux.

  • I had those glasses too! Hoppy Easter.

    • Me too! My first pair. I was in the third grade.

  • Love the photos! Happy Easter to you too. I’m guessing Kay is wearing the sleeveless dress and Ann has her arms crossed? Enjoy the day.

  • Great snaps! Is that fabric really shifting blue/violet, or is it a Kodak artifact?
    And the folded arms and big smile – Love.It.
    But didn’t all the girls get hats? That’s my strongest memory of Easter finery; how I hated that elastic string under my chin.
    Happy Easter or holiday of your choice 🙂

  • Pretty sure I have one of those photos hanging about here. But I think we were sitting on the front stoop in ours. Thanks for sharing them. Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

  • Such cutie patooties! So vulnerable and sweet. These pics touch that maternal part inside and just make me smile. 🙂

  • And now I realize that I never got an Easter photo of my group today. They are in their PJs already. Oops.

  • OMG, the lost genre of Easter outfit photos. My dad always posed us in front of the car, as if trying to prove we were going to church, just like we should be. Holding easter baskets was also required. I have a whole section in an old photo album I created about a year after I left home, The Cooper Siblings on Easter Through the Years. I think the photos were actually taken to prove to the grandmothers that the new outfits they had sewn so beautifully actually fit. And were being worn. Now all I can think when I look at them is, why didn’t I get interested in sewing sooner, so I could actually make real clothes by now!

  • Love these photos ❤️