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  • Thanks for posting both links in one place that I can remember!
    I tried to listen to Karen yesterday but my laptop declined to participate. And I’d love to hear Natalie’s voice! I am always provoked into deep thought after reading about something that’s going on at Alabama Chanin.
    Now I’ll know where to find both recordings for future listening – thanks. Hopefully near future.

  • I’ve had problems for at least 2 years trying to connect to that Sqwam Workshop site. Thought it was just my iPad. Too bad. Really wanted to hear Karen

    • Hi Leandra–please try the link now. This one takes you to Karen’s site, where her link to the Squam interview seems to work better, for reasons unknown to me. As happens with the Internet! Enjoy.

      • Thanks for such a quick response! I actually tried to listen on Karen’s link when she first posted. But I did finally get my answer to the issue…it appears to be my ancient iPad.
        I tried it and the link came through beautifully on my phone and my pc. Looking forward to listening. Love your blog, by the way.

  • Sorry, Squam

  • Thanks for these – I’m always looking for stuff to listen to while knitting.

  • xoxo

  • Thanks. I really enjoyed the talks, Altho I couldn’t figure out how to hear Natalie’s first one. I’m both very envious of them for a million reasons, but it also helped me realize I really need to figure out the next thing that will expand my world, instead of ignoring the void & ignoring that the void really needs a new thing not things that worked in the past.

    I wish I had some of your and Kay’s talents….

  • Not bragging (totally bragging) but I was in the audience at the Players Club in NYC when Natalie told her Moth story. Those heat-seeking snakes are never far from my mind.

    And now I get to listen to Karen! Thanks, co-bloggette!