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  • Loved every minute of this stopover adventure. Thanks so much to all!

  • I love everything about this post. Fitting, since I have so enjoyed every bit of this KAL. I’m so looking forward to the next one. And the group field trip to Iceland!
    (Birthday plans for today- wallow in a full day of Stopover banging- and probably finishing! Life is good.)

  • With so many projects on the needles, and my daughter’s wedding coming up, I was determined not to get sucked into this lettlopi lunacy, however I was swallowed up whole and I’m loving it! What a great knitalong. Great pattern. Great yarn. Great fun!

  • Thank you, Kay and Ann! The push to cast on and, well, bang out a sweater, was a great motivation and a whole lot of fun. We all fall victim to startitis, and the thrill of discovery in a new project. (At least I know I do!) This was a fast enough project to sustain that rush.
    And I will be doing that Riddari for my husband – how much longer can it take :)?

    • Just a few more minutes! And now you know the drill. Riddari is a gem.

  • Sigh, I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and admiring the sweaters, but can only dream of participation. My wool allergy is really restricting my yarny ambitions!

    • I also am allergic to wool but knitting this yarn has not caused any problems so far even though my hands have broken out when knitting wool socks. I know when I wear it, I will have to have a shirt underneath, but please don’t let your wool allergy stop you – it is certainly worth trying out!

      • My allergy is pretty annoying, even garments made with, 5% wool cause me a rash. Without being able to feel the yarn first, I don’t think I dare risk it (none of my local shops stock it as far as I am aware!). Hey ho, plenty of other patterns I can try I guess!!

        • Blocked, lett lopi is less of a problem than in the skein but I can only wear it with a long sleeve, in cooler weather and a lower neckline. I’m a sensitive soul too!

        • Susie-I’m Knotsisters on Ravelry. PM me if you’d like some LettLopi sent to you. For some reason, I’ve got extra!

  • Not only am I wearing my Stopover today, I am planning colours to knit one for my sister who drooled when she saw mine. Thanks for leading us down the rabbit hole.

  • I am already a huge Sigur Ros fan!

    I have practically lived in my Stopover since I finished it (what serendipity for it to coincide with a proper cold snap over in the UK, it was -5 last night) to the point that I think I may need another one.

  • The entire Stopover team was super-fabulous!
    I had fun, I learned a lot, and I can wear the results.
    SO glad I participated.
    Thanks to everyone.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to the Stopover! I have wanted to make a Lopapeysa for years but never got around to it. I may not have finished (lost my dpns and had to order more from UK) but, once it’s done, there will be another cast on…and on…and on!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed observing from the sidelines! Someday casting on will happen and there will be a stopover when the autumn chill appears. For now I’m proud of myself for being patient. There’s way too much graduate research on my plate and I started a KAL at our LYS in January. Thanks for letting me follow along.

  • Stopover was a warm up for me. A 70th birthday Amæfli is on the needles. I am confident in finishing for a March deadline because I’ve been here before. There is no need to rush I’m an old pro. Stopover looks good over dresses, over jeans and more importantly with Pajama pants and handknit socks! Hurrah and thank you

  • I did not realize that the deadline was this week – I thought it was the 29th. I am within 10 rows of being finished! It really is a nice pattern and I hope to do it again soon – this time for myself!

    • There was never a deadline! We’ve just finished with the main blabbing about it and wanted to gather it all up in one place. Keep on banging!

  • The day I finished my sweater it was 70 degrees in OKC. Yesterday it was cold and rainy (I had been watching the forecast for days for a Stopover wearing day) and so I went out swathed in Icelandic wool. It was great. I didn’t need a coat but I also wasn’t overheated in the office. Loved the project and can’t believe I have such a wearable sweater.

  • I’ve been watching and drooling with fellow spectators. This one is definitely on my radar. Still hoping to hear about the non-yarn wearability and feel. Thanks to everyone who played along. Now back to Hitofude which is on a time on time schedule for a trip to Italy.

  • Thank you so much for inspiring and organizing us all. It’s been – actually, it continues to be – a wonderful experience. I’m in the middle of my second Stopover and thinking about a Riddari and maybe cardiganizing a Stopover – so many possibilities! Thank you, thank you!

  • Gee, is February over already?

    • It’s a short month but not that short!

      • Thank goodness. I thought my birthday passed without me! 🙂

  • Twas great fun. Thanks for the inspiration and entertainemnt along the way.I enjoyed the company.

  • You all inspired me to try this sweater – one of my first full sweaters and one of my first color work projects. I am not finished (or near finished), but I do have the sweater body done and anticipate the rest will follow with no problems, thanks to the great support from this community. Thank you all, especially those who posted on Instagram – it has been a joy to see the results!

    If you would like some more inspiration, here is a post from Just Crafty Enough called “Sweater Girls”. I think it fits this group!! http://www.justcraftyenough.com/2016/02/iron-craft-16-challenge-3-sweater-girls/

  • Can I join the Iceland adventure without knitting a Stopover? (I’ve dreamed of touring Iceland, and how better to do that than with knitters?)

    • We will not be checking anyone’s luggage for a Stopover, Lee Louise. But what will you WEAR in Iceland?

  • This looked like so much fun, and the finished sweaters are wonderful! I might just have to buy the yarn and pattern and knit for next winter (it is really too late for this kind of garment if you tend to run warm and live in Virginia). Thanks for the inspiration! And knitting along after-the-fact would actually be the norm for me, a perpetual late-bloomer who still hasn’t figured out a career at forty-mumble years old.

  • Stopover February was the perfect activity for the state of mind in which I found myself just those few weeks ago. My mother died in mid -January at the end of 94 well-lived years. And after all the family gatherings and leave taking, I returned home and found myself in the mood to just sit and knit and contemplate “life’s persistent questions”. What perfect timing! And so, now I have all the answers to those prickly questions and a fabulous sweater to boot.
    Well….actually, there’s just the sweater but it is a great one. Thanks so much!

    • Aw, Susan, you made me smile. Those questions do persist, don’t they? Very glad Stopover gave you something to do with your hands and mind at such a full-hearted moment of life.

    • Bless you Susan. When my mother passed I also knit. And knit. And knit.

  • I have not yet begun to bang (you had to know that you were dangerously close to suggestive with your wording) because of a previous sweater obligation, but I fully intend to get on the Stopover trend and create my own from stash. Stash in this case being Icelandic lamb fleece that’s been languishing in the spinning stash, and a bunch of LettLopi in various colours. Expect to hear back from me in a couple months. Is there a prize for being last?

    • Yes: it’s a sweater!

      • I’m in! (3/4 of a sleeve and the whole yoke to go with two Riddari’s- and one freeform topdown raglan’s-worth of lett-lopi on its way to me)

  • This was so much fun! I plan on making more and playing with other Icelandic patterns. My knitting group was fascinated as I was working on it during our group meet up. Can’t wait to show them the finished project.

    Now just praying for colder weather in N. AZ so I can wear it! I knew if I knit this sweater in less than a week we would get warmer weather….and it happened the day I took it off the needles and blocked it! But at least it dried quickly in the sun.

    Thank you ladies for putting this all together, was a real hoot!

  • What a great roundup! I’m taking a (short) break from Icelandic wool (2 sweaters knit this winter), but I’m already plotting another Stopover that I will cardiganize. Following Ragga’s excellent Craftsy class of course! The next one will be dark blue with bright green and gray accents. The possibilities are endless!

  • This was so much fun! Thanks for taking us on this journey. On to Iceland!

  • Just finished last night! Thanks for the fun knit along! Even my husband got excited about it.

  • Thank you for this help with the February doldrums. I didn’t do a Stopover, but I most definitely will attempt one sometime. I finished three UFO’s during this and I am counting that as a victory. Sign me up for the Iceland tour, but give me enough time to make a Stopover first 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I kind of hate to tell you this but they sell lopapeysas everywhere in Iceland. Pressure is OFF. Let’s go!

      • I already have a guidebook. What were the dates again?

        • Let’s pencil in June 2017.

        • DONE! I’m already excited!

          PS – I am an agreeable traveler, not whiny or bossy and up for most things. I should bullet point that on a resume.

  • I`m still banging away (i was a second wave starter – cast on during the superbowl) but absolutly loving it – determined to be finished in a month.


  • Wait, wait for me! I just got to the “joining three tubes” place last night. It can’t be over yet…I’m not done, and it’s still February! I will keep on keeping on, though, and appreciate the virtual support and encouragement to get me to finally (finally!) commit to my first sweater.

    Also, I love, “A person might not think there could be 1700 comments on the ins and outs of a single sweater pattern, but that person would not be a knitter.” So true!

    • Not trying to rush you Laura, but get a move on!

      Seriously, I wrote this post not to end the knitalong or rush anybody, but because if I didn’t pack it all up nice and neat now, I might never get to it, and this way it’s all here, whenever anybody, anywhere, wants to knit a Stopover.

      It IS still February. And a cold day, at least in New York.

      • Blogged my Stopover, and included links to this post, because of all the pictures and the VERY helpful list of links so knitters have all the pertinent BangOutASweater/Stopover info at their fingertips.

  • Thanks for linking the links. Very handy.

  • Well,I might make it before the official end of Feb. My sister will not believe I actually finished anything-she’s the intended recipient. She once bought me a t-shirt that says “Queen of the Unfinished Project.” Of note, it was at a quilting conference, so apparently that is a cross-hobby issue.

    • oh please do not tell my 2 grown daughters about that t shirt–I know they would get it right away for me!!

  • I want to make one of these as soon as I can afford the yarn. When my now 38 yr old daughter was a toddler we lived in Alaska and I knit her a lovely sweater out of Lopi yarn—such great yarn for that Alaskan climate! I have always loved Lopi yarn–which was a bit expensive even 38 years ago. I have really enjoyed seeing all the variations you have posted. Thanks!

  • Thanks, Ann and Kay, for enabling…er, hosting. Great fun to bang out a sweater in record time, and the pattern allows for such variety that the Instagram feeds are addicting. Looking forward to watching another wave of sweaters roll through them!

  • Thank you both for doing this – even though work has gotten in the way of my Stopover (even on the weekends!), I started the yoke last night, and see an end in sight. For the first time in my life, I’m hoping spring doesn’t come too soon, so I can actually wear it when it’s done!

  • Thank you for hosting! I had so much fun (and even finished with a bang!).

  • And today I found myself idly planning colors for the Lett Lopi vest. I could probably even do the math to do it at the Stopover gauge for that nice drape that’s useful here in OK.

  • Just a few more rows and I’m fini! The goal is to be blocking this weekend!

  • After spending hours looking at yarn, wanting to use Plutolopi but chicken, for now, I finally broke down on Sunday and ordered yarn. It will probably take me less time to bang out than I spent dithering. Can’t wait. #LateLopiStopover