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  • Hi Kay,
    Stopover wearer with redhead hair is Julibeth Corwin. I have a closing eyes syndrome when photographed! Enjoyed the signing and meeting you last night. Thanks!

  • I’m going to take a class with Clara Parkes! Next week! And get a copy of the book!
    (Oh no, I’m too old to get all excited like this.)

    But, Knitting Retreat!

    Also, that’s a great looking Stopover, Julibeth, and I like your name.

  • Why, on the right that’s a Stopover I’d recognize anywhere–Elizabeth used hand-dyed yarns dyed with materials foraged from Central Park. So gorgeous.

  • Third photo from the top … isn’t it Beverly from Trillium Yarns in Morristown, NJ … so glad you got to see such a lovely bunch at an inspiring event … and imagine how many less #stopovers there would have been had you not rallied the troops!!! Bravo and a round of applause to all!!!

  • oh, pooh I missed it. And I was working in the Cuty yesterday on 16th Street!

    • City. working in the City.
      I should never type without a keyboard Never
      ( or hit reply before proofreading)

      • I was thinking Cuty was some kind of yarn shop!

  • Thanks to Clara for a wonderful reading and a terrific book. And it was so cool to hear my Knitter’s Retreat roommate get a shout out from Clara as the first female air traffic controller at O’Hare, and a knitter. I shared that with her right after I left. She was tickled.

    Kay, it was very nice meeting you last night and if I ever find or hear of a Queens yarn store with great yarns I will let you know (or maybe someone could chime in here).

  • Tell me more about Jill Draper’s sweater! I tried to find another photo of it…

    • Jill’s sweater in depth … right here … http://www.ravelry.com/projects/JillDMakesStuff/eps—elizabeths-percentage-system-sweater-2

      • thanks – favorited!

        Also – I was a bluebird too! But I was terrible at selling Campfire Girl peanuts and I never got to go to camp…until I got to go to 4H camp, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

        • Peanuts? We Blue Birds and CFGs in Portland, OR sold Van Duyn Mint patties, light and dark chocolate.

  • We knitters are such loyal groupies; book shop owners would do well to note that!

  • I love it when knitters get together. Much admiring of sweaters and socks.

    Former Bluebird and Camp Fire Girl here, too. I was very annoyed at Scout Recognition Day at church a couple weeks ago. Everyone got a shout out except for Camp Fire. The minister was kind of clueless.

  • Hope to stand in the congo line at Powell’s in Portlandia to meet Ms. Parkes. I have a blocked Stopover itching (literally) to be worn!

  • Beautiful woman is Beverly Mazzarella, owner of Trillium Yarns in Morristown.

    • I’m blushing. Thank you – that is me in Jenny King’s Crochet Jacket from Noro Magazine, Issue 7.

      • Amazing, Beverly! You wear it well!

  • Oh, I’m so bummed I didn’t know about it!! Next time in addition to book blurb, can u let us know when one of the Knitterai is on our small island? Thanks!

  • Love that Each Stitch sweater! What an amazing idea.

  • I wish Clara would come to Fort Worth…I wish you and Ann would come to Fort Worth, for that matter!

    • I’ve never been to Fort Worth or (do not tell anybody this) the entire state of Texas, ever, at all. Isn’t that appalling? Must rectify!

      • I am over 40 and, aside from a couple airline layovers at DFW–which don’t count as “visiting”–never have been to Texas either. Sad, considering it’s the largest state in the lower 48.

  • Looks like a party! Clara is coming to Powell’s in Portland this Saturday, and I aim to be there!